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Bennett Brook Trail


Bennett Brook Trail Gallery


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Quick Facts

Difficulty difficult
Trail Type linear
Distance 7.3 km one-way
Estimated Time 2.5 to 3 hrs one way
Surface Type old road, forested
Elevation Change 188 metres
Features waterfall, gorge
Trail Markers blue hiker signs
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception none
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees yes


The Bennett Brook Trail starts at the parking lot at Bennett Lake. There is a crushed rock trail that crosses a dam next to the highway. Take this trail and then cross the highway to access the trail. On my last visit (2023) it looked like they were in the process of installing a cross walk with lights.

After crossing the highway, the trail descends through a field of alders. It goes past a gate and then starts to climb a hill into a beautiful hardwood stand. The trail climbs up to the old road and then follows the old road in a steady descent. Most of the old road passes through a beautiful hardwood forest. Eventually the old road comes to an opening. At this point the trail leaves the old road and enters the woods on the right. This starts the descent down into the Point Wolfe River Gorge

The old road that makes the majority of the Bennett Brook Trail at Fundy National Park

The trail passes through a beautiful spruce forest and passes by some small cliffs. A small waterfall tumbles over the cliffs. The trail then gets steeper with long switchbacks. When the trail reaches the bottom of the valley it pops out of the woods next to Bennett Brook Falls. The falls is only a couple feet high, but it is surrounded by cliffs on either side.

The trail continues along Bennett Brook Stream for a short distance to where it flows into Point Wolfe River. At the mouth of the stream, turn right and cross the stream. The trail goes along Point Wolfe River for a short distance and soon crossed the river. Use caution when making these water crossings. The crossing on Point Wolfe River was about 3 feet deep on my visit and it was the middle of summer. Make sure you stop and look around. The Point Wolfe River Gorge is an amazing place.

Crossing Point Wolfe River on the Bennett Brook Trail at Fundy National Park

On the opposite side of Point Wolfe River, the trail starts to climb up out of the valley on a bunch of switchbacks. The trail then travels through the woods and comes out to the old road that makes up the Marven Lake Trail. From here it is a short distance to the backcountry campsite at Marven Lake.

I was reluctant to hike this trail because it's linear and follows an old road, but the Point Wolfe gorge is a payoff that makes the hike worthwhile. This trail is a great fall hike due to the beautiful hardwood forest it travels through.


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For directions to the park go to the Fundy National Park page.

Enter the park from either end and drive to Bennett Lake on Route 114. Turn into Bennett Lake and park in the parking lot. Walk back towards the highway and you will see the trailhead sign on the left.

The start of the Bennett Brook Trail at Fundy National Park

Trail Last Hiked: October 9, 2023.

Page Last Updated: February 25, 2024.