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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Goose River Trail


Goose River Trail gallery


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Quick Facts

Difficulty strenuous
Trail Type linear
Distance 11.3 km one way
Estimated Time 4 hrs
Surface Type forested
Elevation Change 237 metres
Features coast, river
Trail Markers signs
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception minimal
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees yes


For directions to the park go to the Fundy National Park page.

The Goose River Trail can be accessed from the end of the loop on the Coppermine Trail. To get to the Coppermine Trail take the Point Wolfe Road from the visitor centre all the way to the parking lot at the end (past the covered bridge).

The other end of the Goose River Trail can be accessed from the eastern most section of the Fundy Footpath.


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When we hiked the Goose River Trail it followed an old road back away from the coast. Sometime around 2020 the park rerouted the trail to extend from the Coppermine Trail and follow the coast. The map shows where it starts and ends but you will have to wait until we get a chance to hike it to provide an up to date map.

The trail travels through a mainly coastal spruce forest and crosses small streams that tumble into the Bay of Fundy. There are several views of the bay along the way. Mile Brook is a larger stream valley where the trail goes inland a bit to cross. When you get to the Goose River Valley you will find back country campsites at the top of the hill. There is an amazing view of Martin Head and the Fundy Coast from site 4.

The view of Martin Head from Campsite 4 on the Goose River Trail at Fundy National Park

From the campsites at the top of the hill you can choose to go down the hill to the campsites on the beach or continue on the main trail. The main trail goes inland to get above the high tide mark. This is so you don't have to wait until low tide to access the Fundy Footpath on the other side of Goose River. Vicki and I helped build this section of the trail back in 2014. The pictures are from that trip.

From the Sign

Goose River

Hike along an old cart track with roadside wildflowers to the backcountry campsites at Goose River. Overgrown fields mark the location of old settlements. View of Martin Head to the west from campsite #4. The wide sand bar at Goose River shelters a small salt marsh. Rugged cliffs line the west side of the river. Goose River beach is a great place for a picnic.

Old Goose River sign

***If you are planning to camp any of our backcountry sites, you will have to register at the Park's Visitor Centre before proceeding.

Trail Last Hiked: June 21, 2014.

Page Last Updated: January 3, 2023.