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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Whitetail Trail


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Quick Facts

Difficulty strenuous
Trail Type linear
Distance 3.6 km one way
Estimated Time 1 hr 15 mins
Surface Type forested
Elevation Change 244 metres
Features stream, ravine
Trail Markers red/orange squares
Scenery Rating features
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception not checked
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees yes


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From the Sign


The Whitetail Trail leads through a beautiful mixed forest of spruce, birch and maple. You will also cross several small streams on your journey and hike along the remnants of an old cart road. The area through which this trail passes is prime habitat for whitetail deer.

Entire trail - strenuous - steady uphill climb - part of this trail follows an old cart road - trail crosses several small streams - junction with Tippen Lot Trail will be encountered a short distance from the trail's end - keep right at this junction.

Whitetail Trail sign

The trail ends at the Chignecto South Campground.


When we hiked the Whitetail Trail we made it a loop with the east section of the Coastal Trail and the Tippen Lot Trail. This provided a strenuous full day hike, climbing from sea level up to the Chignecto Campground. If you drove on the road from Chignecto Campground down to Alma you will see how much of an elevation gain this is. The Whitetail Trail provided a great way to descend the hill after the strenuous climb on the Tippen Lot Trail.

Whitetail trail

The trail travels through a mixed forest and crosses several stream valleys providing ups and downs. In recent years the trail has been incorporated into the mountain bike offering at the park so the map may not be accurate. From what I can find there were more switchbacks built in a steeper section near the bottom to make it more interesting for mountain bikes. Use caution and be aware of any potential oncoming mountain bikes.


For directions to the park go to the Fundy National Park page.

The Whitetail Trail starts across the road from the Chignecto Campground. Start in the road to the old section of the campground and take the first road on the left. You will see the trailhead on the left side of this old campground road.

Whitetail trailhead

The other end of the trail can be accessed at the far side of the parking lot for the golf course club house off of Point Wolfe Road.

Trail Last Hiked: July 16, 2011.

Page Last Updated: December 25, 2022.