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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Miramichi River Valley Region


The Miramichi River Region includes the largest waterfall in the province with year round flow. Fall Brook Falls is deep in the woods near Boiestown but easily accessible. If you are driving through the area on Route 108 take a small detour and check out the Priceville Footbridge. A small sign near the start of the bridge tells the story of a tragic history.

Many of the trails around the City of Miramichi have a vivid history that comes to life as you hike. Trails like the Fish Quarry Trail where you will pass by an old grinding wheel from the quarry that closed in 1905. In the summer months you can take a boat across to Beaubears Island where actors will quite literally bring the history of the island to life.

If you are feeling more adventurous then head to the woods and check out Sheephouse Falls or Mullin Stream Falls. Both are great places to sit and relax or to take a swim on a hot summer day.


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