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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Kevin Pitre Trail


Kevin Pitre Trail


Store Miramichi Region

Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type loops
Distance 3.8 km
Estimated Time 1 hour 45 mins
Surface Type forested
Elevation Change 25 metres
Features stream valley
Trail Markers red squares
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating variable
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


I was surprised by how much there was to explore in the Kevin Pitre Trail system. The trail starts by meandering through a young poplar stand, which is great for mountain bikes. You will pass a trail on the right, and just before reaching the stream valley, the trail turns sharply to the right. After a short distance you will come out into a small clearing. In the clearing there is a shelter on the right and four Adirondack Chairs on the left overlooking the stream valley.

Stream in Kevin Pitre Trail

The trail continues to follow along the stream valley and soon comes to a trail on the left that drops down into the stream valley. Continuing straight will take you around this first loop. If you turn left and go down into the stream valley you will come to a bridge that crosses the stream. After crossing the bridge the trail continues into the woods on the other side of the valley and climbs up the hill. There are two major loops on this side of the stream.

The outer loop takes you back and crosses an open bog, which can be wet in places. In the bog the trail comes to a clump of trees that has a place for a fire and a wooden bin that holds firewood. Along one side of the loop (where the two loops come close together) there is a campsite with a couple of Adirondack type chairs built out of small trees. There is also a lean-to and fire pit.

The inner loop twists and turns several times before coming to the edge of bog. Along the edge of the bog the trail passes by another campsite with a lean-to and firepit.

camp site between two loops

Back on the other side of the stream, if you don't cross the bridge, you can continue around this first loop. The trail soon comes to a small hill with stairs made out of rocks. At the top of the hill is a bench overlooking the stream valley.

Continue past the bench and the trail loops back around. The trail continues behind the shelter and eventually comes back to the trail near the start. Turn left and continue back to the Municipal Office. If you can read French make sure you stop and read all the inspirational signs posted throughout the trail.


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From the Sign

This trail is named in memory of Kevin Pitre, a young man from our community who enriched the lives of each of our citizens with his huge smile and his contagious joie de vivre.

Trail dedication sign

As you enter the trail, our hope is that you will have a special thought for Kevin and appreciate the beauty of the nature around you.


Coming from the Miramichi on route 126, drive through the village of Rogersville and look for the Municipal Office/Fire Station on the left. If you are coming from Moncton on route 126 look for the Rogersville Municipal Office/Fire Station on the right. Pull into the Office/Fire Station and park in front of the building. From here walk behind the building on the left and look for the trail head at the edge of the woods.

Rogersville Municipal Office

There is also another trail entrance directly behind the building.

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Trail Last Hiked: May 15, 2022.

Page Last Updated: December 4, 2022.