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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Rogersville Trail and Assomption Monument


Rogersville Trail


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Quick Facts

Difficulty accessible
Trail Type mixed
Distance 1.7 km one way
Estimated Time 1 hour return
Surface Type crushed rock, pavement
Elevation Change 5 metres
Features historic site
Trail Markers signs
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception strong
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees none


The main trail is a wide crushed rock trail that travels along the narrow grass strip between route 126 and the railroad tracks. There are several shelters, decorative bushes, and picnic tables along the trail. The trail also goes by the train station. At roughly the half way mark of the trail you will find a large arched sign across from the Church. The sign points across the road to the monument and historic site that's behind the church.

Assomption Monument

The Assomption Monument begins by going under a large arch that was constructed on the bicentennial of the great deportation of Acadians. A straight paved trail takes you to the bronze Marcel-François Richard statue. The trail continues straight to the tall, narrow building (monument) where his remains are interred. At the statue, the trail goes to the edge of the park on both sides, to other statues. Behind the monument is a paved loop trail that is lined with small rock shelters that hold diorama's of Christ's story. There are also many small trees along the trail that were planted in dedication.


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When you are driving through Rogersville on route 126 you will see several small parking spaces along the road between Paul Street and Pleasant Street. These parking spaces are on the other side of the road from the buildings. Park in any of these spaces and you will find the trail in the narrow band of green between route 126 and the train tracks.

Rogersville Trail

If you are more interested in the Assomption Monument, or just wanted to start in the middle, you can park behind the Saint-François-de-Sales Catholic church (large white church) on route 126. The Assomption Monument is behind the church and the main trail is across the road from the church.

From the Sign

Pieta Spero Statue

Monument fired clay statue Pieta Spero; From sorrow and compassion comes Hope...

Mother Mary supports her son on her knee after his crucifixion. She mourns for him, weeping on the sole of his foot, while our lord embraces both his cross and his mother.

Pieta Spero Statue

In memory of Bernice Chiasson

From the Sign

Marcel-François Richard


Born in Saint-Louis-de-Kent and ordained as a priest in 1870, Monsignor Richard was a leading figure of the Acadian renaissance. He encouraged colonization to stem migration to the United States, founded French-language schools, convents and a classical college, and paved the way for the appointment of an Acadian bishop. In 1881 and 1884 he led national conventions to adopt three important symbols of identity: a patronal feast day, an anthem and a flag. Richard also erected Rogersville's Monument Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, where he was interred after devoting more than 40 years to the struggle for his people's survival.

Marcel-François Richard Statue

Trail Last Hiked: May 27, 2021.

Page Last Updated: December 11, 2021.