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Trout Brook Falls


Fall Brook Falls Trail


Store Miramichi Region

Quick Facts

Difficulty difficult
Trail Type linear
Distance 2.7 km one way
Estimated Time 3 to 4 hours return
Surface Type river, stream
Elevation Change 72 meters
Features waterfall
Trail Markers none
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating not maintained
Cell Reception none
Dog Friendly no
Fees $10 gate fee


Accessing Trout Brook Falls is not on a maintained trail and requires crossing the main Miramichi River. Water levels will dictate how difficult the crossing will be. Be prepared to get wet and if you are unsure of your abilities stick with the Fall Brook Falls Trail. Make sure you have a sturdy pair of hiking sandals for the crossing.

When you come out to the shore you will see a large, pointy rock (picture below). Beside the rock is a smaller rounder rock seen in the picture. If water levels are above this smaller, rounder rock I would not attempt to cross the river.

Large Pointy rock near Fall Brook Falls Trail

Your journey starts by walking down the shore of the river to the left. The shore is a mix of rocks, tall grass and alders so use caution. Fisherman have a bit of a trail beat down through the grass but this isn't always the case. I went down river about half way to the turn where there were a bunch of boulders near the shore. This was the shallowest place I found to cross (about thigh high with the water conditions I had). I also tried crossing right where the trail comes out to the river and it tended to be about 6 inches deeper.

Slowly make your way across the river. Go slow and make sure you have secure footing on the slippery rocks. Once across the river continue to follow the shore downriver through the grass and alders. Go down around the turn and in the distance you will see a hill. The Trout Brook valley goes into the woods on the right just before this hill.

Main Southwest Miramichi River

Follow Trout Brook as it meanders through the beautiful hardwood forest with intermittent cliffs on either side. Eventually you will come around a turn and see Trout Brook Falls in the distance. This is a beautiful wild place that gets very few visitors so plan your trip with safety in mind.

First view of Trout Brook Falls


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A $10 access fee is required to access the trail by car. The gatehouse is only open from 6AM to 8PM daily and you may not be let in after 7PM.

From the Irving Gas Station in Boiestown turn towards Fredericton and take the exit to Parker Ridge (Route 625) almost across the road from the Irving. After 4.2 km take a right onto the Bloomfield Ridge Road. After another 3.1 km the road turns to the right and crosses a bridge over the Miramichi River. At this point the road changes into the Holtville Road. After crossing the bridge continue another 2.9 km and you will come to a sharp turn to the right. Instead of taking the turn continue on a road that goes straight off the turn. After traveling 1.2 km this road will turn to gravel and after another 1.8 km and two sharp turns you will come to the gate house. At this point you have to go into the gate house, pay your $10 and sign a liability waiver.

Once through the gate follow the road for just over 13 km and you should see a small sign showing the road to the falls on the left. The bridge over Fall Brook is within site of the sign. If you cross the bridge (second from the gatehouse) you have gone too far.

The road down to the falls is well maintained. There are several designated parking areas along the road as it gets progressively more steep. Your vehicle and your comfort level will dictate how far you drive. I would suggest not going all the way down to the river. It's so steep that even a four wheel drive would have trouble climbing back out. On our last visit the hill was washed out.

On foot follow the road to the bottom of the hill where you will find a wide parking area near the river. You will see the large sign for the Fall Brook Falls Trail on the right. For Trout Brook Falls you will want to go to the left to access the shore of the Miramichi River.

Fall Brook Falls Trail

Another way to access both falls is by canoeing the Miramichi river from Deersdale but this would take you a couple days so that's a whole different adventure and won't be described here.

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Trail Last Hiked: September 18, 2022.

Page Last Updated: October 30, 2022.