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Mullin Stream Falls Trail

Quick Facts

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Difficulty Moderate Features Waterfall
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers None but easy to follow
Distance 1.18 km Scenery Rating Beautiful
Estimated Time 1 hr 15 mins one way Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type ATV Trail Cell Phone Reception None
Elevation Change 24 meters GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly Yes Fees Required No


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From Sunny Corner travel north on the Northwest Road for 2 km then turn left onto Back Road. Cross the bridge and climb the hill on the other side. At 1.4 km turn right onto Mullin Stream Road. After 2 km turn left onto the main gravel road. Follow this road for 19 km and you will cross a bridge on an S-turn. After the bridge keep left for another 1.5 km until the road splits. At the split keep left towards Mullin Stream Lake.

After 1.5 km turn left onto a side road. Follow this road for 1 km until you come to a wide spot with an old grown in road on the right. Park here. The grown in road is the trail to the falls.


The old road that forms this trail is now an ATV trail. It crosses two small streams but they can easily be crossed on rocks without getting your feet wet. The ATV trail goes through several large puddles but there are well beaten trails through the woods on either side to walk on.

The trail travels through a mainly softwood forest. You can slowly start to notice a deep ravine forming on the left. The trail eventually takes a sharp turn to the right. The trail soon comes to a more open patch of forest where there are several large dead white pine trees. If you look closely you will see black charcoal on the dead pine. The clearing and the dead pine were caused by a fire back in the 1980's. The ground starts to get a bit rockier here.

Soon a smaller trails drops down to the left. You should be able to hear the falls from here. The trail comes out at a notch in the rock that leads to the top of the falls. There is also a trail on the left that climbs up to the top of a large rocky outcrop. On the other side of the outcrop is a small ravine. A trail down through this ravine will take you to the gravelly beach below the falls. You can't see the falls from the beach unless you cross the stream.

Mullin Stream Falls is a small falls at only 3 meters (9 feet) in height but the steep rocky ravine that is flows through is interesting to explore. The falls is just below the point where two streams converge and there is a deep pool below the falls, making it a great place for swimming.

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