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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Bald Mountain Brook Trail


Bald Mountain Brook Trail


Store Appalachian Region

Quick Facts

Difficulty strenuous
Trail Type linear
Distance 4.7 km
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins one-way
Surface Type forested, boardwalk
Elevation Change 387 meters
Features waterfalls, beaver dams
Trail Markers blue squares
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception none
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees park entrance - cash only


The Bald Mountain Brook Trail joins the eastern section of the Mount Bailey Trail to the Mount Head Trail on the Mount Carleton plateau by going down through the Bald Mountain Brook valley. The trail is bisected by the Bald Mountain Brook Road that's used to access the Mount Carleton trail head.

Beaver dam on the Bald Mountain Brook Trail

West of the Bald Mountain Brook road there is a boardwalk that goes over an active beaver pond on Bald Mountain Brook. On the other side of the beaver pond the trail follows down along the stream for a bit before turning left and climbing the hardwood ridge up to the Mount Bailey Trail.

East of the Bald Mountain Brook road the trail travels through a mixedwood forest and slowly climbs until it comes to a bench by a small pond. After the pond the trail starts to climb more steeply up along a stream. The trail passes by several small waterfalls as the stream tumbles over the moss covered rocks. At the top of the stream the trail travels through a birch forest before getting to the fir forest on the plateau.

Birch bridge on the Bald Mountain Brook Trail

This trail is usually used to access other trails or to create loops with other trails. We have used it as an alternative way to access Mount Bailey Peak. On that trip we hiked the east section of Mount Bailey Trail and explored the awesome views from the rocky outcrops. On another trip we parked here and walked on the road back to the Mount Sagamook Trail, climbed Mount Sagamook, crossed over to Mount Head and then climbed down the Bald Mountain Brook Trail.


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For directions to the park go to the Mount Carleton Park page.

From the front gate drive for 5.3 kilometres, passing by the group campground and traveling along Nictau Lake. At 5.3 kilometres turn right towards the Mount Carleton Trail. Drive for 1.2 kilometres and you will come to a small parking area along the road on the right. The trail enters the woods by the parking area and enters the woods across the road from the parking area.

Trail sign for the Bald Mountain Brook Trail

You can also access this trail from the eastern section of the Mount Bailey Trail and from the Mount Head Trail about mid way between Mount Sagamook Peak and Mount Head Peak.

Trail Last Hiked: October 11, 2015.

Page Last Updated: March 29, 2020.