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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Lighthouse Trail Access

Miller Pond to Dwelley's Pond


Lighthouse Trail Access - Miller Pond to Dwelley's Pond Gallery


Store Fundy West

Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type linear
Distance 4.8 km one way
Estimated Time 1 hr 15 mins
Surface Type forested, old road
Elevation Change 27 meters
Features access, ponds
Trail Markers blue circles / paint
Scenery Rating recreational
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception none
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


To access this trail drive through Grand Harbour and continue driving for a short distance. Just past Rose and Pop's convenience store turn right onto Millers Pond Road. After 430 metres the road turns to gravel. It's a solid road but pretty rough and gets continually rougher. Continue on the gravel road for as far as you feel comfortable in your vehicle. Make sure you don't block any roads or trails wherever you decide to park.

At 1.1 kilometres you will come to junction. Stay right at the junction. You will pass by several camp roads on the left. Continue until you come to another major junction. If you have made it this far with a vehicle there is a wide area to park. Continue on the road to the left on foot. At 120 metres an Old Road/ATV Trail veers off at an angle on the right. The road has signs for Old River Lodge and North Pole (see photo). This is the start of the access trail.


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The Miller Pond to Dwelley's Pond Trail accesses the Dark Harbour to Southwest Head section of the Lighthouse Trail.

We haven't yet hiked this access trail but it looks to be a fairly well used ATV trail that accesses Dwelley's Pond. At Dwelley's Pond you come to a nice camp round that circles the lake. Turn right on it and follow it around to a cottage in a small field overlooking the bay. The trail going north enters the woods on an old road that is blocked with a large pile of gravel. The trail to the south crosses the far edge of the field by the cottage.

Trail Last Hiked: August 5, 2021.

Page Last Updated: October 21, 2022.