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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Keiko & Errol Nature Preserve on Ross Island Trails


Ross Island Trail Gallery


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Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type loop
Distance 2.6 km mapped
Estimated Time 2 hours
Surface Type beach, forested
Elevation Change 17 meters
Features beaches, rock
Trail Markers red markers
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating variable
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly yes
Fees by donation


Keiko & Errol Nature Preserve on Ross Island is a Nature Trust NB Nature Preserve. Please consider making a donation so they can continue their great work at preserving land and providing amazing hiking trails.

Ross Island is an island next to Grand Manan that is accessible at low tide. On our last hike we accessed the island from the end of the Shore Road by crossing a cement bridge that is completely underwater at high tide. The bridge and road go through large fishing weirs that are mostly submerged at high tide. The road then comes up onto a grassy gravel bar. If you don't see the signs for the trail make sure you turn right and make your way towards the trees. Keep left at the trees and follow along the edge of the beach.

You will see some small islands off the coast. One of them is very white. At low tide the beach is a rocky sea of seaweed so the ATV trail at the top of the beach is the best way to travel. The island is covered with dead and stunted trees, and is quite boggy. You will soon come to some really cool rocky outcrops. One is made of gray twisted rock and another is a bright white. The bright white rock stands out against the surrounding gray beach and the green trees. The trail goes into the woods between beaches. Most of the beaches are long gravel crescents but there is one that is kind of hidden. It is a beautiful sandy beach. The trail passes by it in the woods on the cliff tops but it can be accessed by a trail on the far end of the beach. The sandy beach is flanked on either side by rocky outcrops.

Gravel beach and fish farm on Ross Island

Near one of the islands off the coast you will notice a bunch of large cirular nets. These nets are salmon pens used to farm salmon. There is usually a barge nearby that I think looks like Popeye's boat. You will also find several old and abandoned camps along the shore.

On our hike we only made it out to about half way down the eastern shore. The trail continues around the whole circumferance of the island and returns to the Thoroughfare Road. From what I have heard the western side of the island is less maintained and has some stinging nettles so beware. Remember that there are also ticks in the area and several parts of the trail go through grassy bogs so long pants, bug sprayc and tick checks are recommended.


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For directions to Grand Mand check ouf the Grand Manan page.

Ross Island is an island next to Grand Manan that is accessible at low tide. The island can be accessed between approximately 2.5 hours after and before high tide. There are two places to cross. One is on the Thoroughefare Road. The other is at the end of the Shore Road.

To get to the Shore Road drive through Woodward Cove and you will soon come to the Shore Road on the left. Turn onto Shore Road and follow it to the end. You will come to a fishing operation so find a place to park where your car won't be in the way. If the tide is low you should see a small cement bridge crossing an outlet. Cross this bridge and continue to the grassy gravel bar on the other side.

Cement Bridge to Ross Island

To get to the Thoroughfare Road continue past the Shore Road and past the Village of Grand Manan office. Just before you come into Grand Harbour turn left onto the Thoroughfare Road. Continue to the end of the road and find a place to park where you won't be in the way of the fishing operations.

Trail Last Hiked: August 1, 2020.

Page Last Updated: August 22, 2021.