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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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The Anchorage Provincial Park


The Anchorage Provincial Park has a surprising diversity of trails in the park. The main draw is the beach, which is sandy to the east and rocky to the west. There is also some fascinating geology along the rocky cliffs. Just beyond the park boundary to the west is a fault line that splits the island between the sedimentary rocks in the park from the volcanic spires of the western half of the island.

The Red Point Trail travels along the cliff edges with many views of the ocean and the beach. The Long Pond, Bagley and Great Pond Trail all access large coastal freshwater ponds that are usually full of ducks and other sea birds. The Ox Head Trail cuts through the long grass on the sand dune between the beach and Great Pond with views in all directions. At the end of the trail near Ox Head you can look back at the expanse of the beach all the way to Long Pond Road and beyond.


From the Ferry Terminal turn left onto Route 776 for 15 kilometers where you will find the entrance to the park on the left. You will pass through Castalia Marsh and then the town of Grand Harbour on your way. As you drive into the park stay left on Long Pond Road.


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