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The Most Definitive Guide to Hiking in New Brunswick

Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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City of Saint John


The City of Saint John has several interesting parks to explore. The most popular is probably Rockwood Park in the center of the city. There are over 55 trails in the park and they include lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, caves and many other unique rock formations. There is also a healthy population of deer and other wildlife.

If you are looking for coastal views head out to Irving Nature Park. The trails travel around the perimeter of the long peninsula on Taylors Island. The "island" is joined to the mainland by a long gravel beach and bar. It is also surrounded on one side by Saint's Rest Marsh and mudflats. Enjoy views of Manawagonish Island, Saint John, the marsh, the beach and the oil tankers that steadily cross the bay to access the Irving Oil Terminal. The park also has a maze.

Little River Reservoir in the eastern part of the city has a beautiful trail around a reservoir with several small waterfalls. There is also a long bridge that crosses over a wetlands where many ducks hang out.

Outside of the parks there are also many interesting trails to explore like Silver Falls and Harbour Passage. Harbour Passage is a wide paved trail that travels along the harbour from up town to the reversing falls.


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