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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Rockwood Park


Rockwood park is an amazing place to get lost, in the middle of the City of Saint John. I am always amazed by what I find when I explore the trails in this park. There are lakes, ravines, caves, ridges, and hills. The park has very unique and diverse geology and is a Stonehammer Geopark site. There is also lots of wildlife. Chances are you will have a close encounter with a deer, squirrel or ducks. There are 53 trails that let you explore it all.

The park has a golf course, a campground, a dog park, an interpretive centre and the Lily Lake Pavillion.


Trails in the Park


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There are several access points to the park. The main entrance is near the Lily Lake Pavillion just off of Mount Pleasant Avenue. A loop road takes you around Fisher Lake and Lily lakek. There are several parking areas along the road that can be used to access the trails in this end of the park.

The second most popular access is in the north end of the park, just off the end of the junction of Sandy Point Road and Foster Thurston Drive. This is close to the entrance to what used to be the Cherry Brook Zoo.

There are also several access points around the edge of the park (see map).


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Rockwood Park
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