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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Robinson Trail


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Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type mixed
Distance 3.3 km
Estimated Time 1 hour 30 mins
Surface Type forested
Elevation Change 36 metres
Features forest, stream
Trail Markers colored paint
Scenery Rating recreational
Maintenance Rating poor
Cell Reception None
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


The Robinson Trail has seen better days. Once you get into the woods the trail is easy to follow but be aware of your surroundings so you don't get off the trail. The trail goes back through a strip of trees on an old lane. When it gets back in the woods it goes through a mostly open forest with lots of white pine. The trail comes to a small pond called th Dug Pond. Before the Dug Pond there is a trail that goes to the right. We stayed left and continued deeper into the woods. You will notice that Vicki has her hood up in some of the pictures. It wasn't raining. That was for the mosquitos that were quite thick in the damp conditions.

After the Dug Pond there is another trail to the right. We continued once again to the left and looped through some younger mixed forest. Some patches of forest were carpeted with thick moss. We went through a fir stand that had a lot of blowdown. We passed by a large white pine and an interesting large burl on the root of a yellow birch tree.

The start of the Robinson Trail

We eventually came to the junction with the Ravine Trail. The trail to the right would have taken us back to the other end of the two trails we passed earlier. We stayed left once again and dropped down into the Big Brook Valley. The trail reached Big Brook and then followed it down through the deep cut valley. The ravine goes through hemlock, pine, spruce, and yellow birch of mixed sizes. It passes by some rocky outcrops in the valley sides.

We didn't realize that the Ravine Trail just ends. We came to a small clearing next to the brook and found a chair, a firepit, and a large stuffed frog stuck in a stump and watching over it all. We could hear the road up the hill so thought there my be a trail that climbed up to the road. After several searches we didn't find any. We had been bitten by too many mosquitos by this point, so we bushwhacked up the hill and onto someone's back lawn. We made our way around their lawn and got up to the road.

A point of interest on the Robinson Trail

If you like your trails well defined and maintained, this trail is not for you. If you don't mind a bit of uncertainty and bushwhacking, then enjoy. Just make sure you bring your bug spray.


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In Cambridge-Narrows, park at the Municipal Building on route 715 (Lower Cambridge Road). Walk up the hill on the road, to the first driveway on the left. Across from the driveway is an old road that goes into the field. Go into the field and head towards the line of trees on the left. The trail is difficult to find in the field, but you may see the old signs (one has fallen over). Enter the trail in the strip of trees. This will lead you back into the woods to the rest of the trails.

Walking up the road to find the Robinson Trail in Cambridge-Narrows

Trail Last Hiked: July 2, 2023.

Page Last Updated: March 2, 2024.