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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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1958 Avenger Plane Crash Trail



Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 150 metres
Estimated Time 15 minutes
Surface Type wet, forested
Elevation Change 3 metres
Features plane crash site
Trail Markers none
Scenery Rating historic
Maintenance Rating medium
Cell Reception none
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


Heading west on Route 104 continue past the turnoff to Crabbe Mountain Ski Resort and continue towards the Village of Millville. You will go down a long hill. A main haul road for the Nackawic Pulp mill crosses Route 104 near the bottom of the long hill (see map below). If you cross a bridge you have gone too far.

Turn right and head north on this haul road. Warning: This is a heavy truck traffic road. Be extremely careful driving on the roads beyond this point. After approximately 8.5 km (just past km marker 18) there is a main J. D. Irving haul road called the D20 that goes off at an angle to the left. Take this road. The kilometer markers on this road begin to count down. This is a quick way to know you are on the right road.

Drive for 19.7 km on this road (half way between the 29 and 28 km marker) you will see a small road to your right and you should see a small sign pointing the directions to B. Rock or Balancing Rock (see photo). The road to the Avenger Crash Site is almost directly across from the road to Balancing Rock, going back at an angle on the left.

Follow this road for 6.5 km and turn right. After another 600 meters you will come to a junction. Across from the stop sign you should see a sign that says Aircraft memorial pointing to the right. Turn right and follow the road for another 800 meters. Not far past an old side road you should see a wide spot int he road with ribbons and beer cans marking the start of the trail into the clearcut.

Directions Map


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The short trail was very wet when we were there but it was possible to avoid most of the water. Good boots are recommended. Once you get part way across the cut you should notice a small patch of trees that are taller than the rest. You will soon see the blue sign that is a dedication to the pilot of the crash. The remnants of the plane are mixed in amongst the patch of trees.

The pilot of the plane was Thomas Reginald Marston and he unfortunately died in the crash. This sign describes a bit about the circumstances of the crash and of the life of the 38 year old English pilot. There are also several pictures of avenger planes on the sign. Behind this sign is a smaller black plaque. This plaque tells more of the details of what happened on that fateful day.

The most notable part of the wreckage is the tail piece, which still stands about 6 feet tall. Pieces of the wings have been flattened into the ground and surrounding vegetation. A wheel rim from the landing gear pokes up but the rubber from the tire is long gone. You can make out what's left of the engine and find large balls of melted steel, which presumeably were created in the crash. This is a very interesting part of New Brunswick history that you have to go deep in the woods to experience.

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Trail Last Hiked: November 25, 2017.

Page Last Updated: November 29, 2017.