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Appalachian Mountain Range Region

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Region Description

The Appalachian Mountain Range starts in the south eastern United States and ends along the west coast of Newfoundland. The range crosses the north western part of New Brunswick and results in the highest elevation in the province. Mount Carleton Peak has an elevation of 817 m (2,680 feet). Mount Carleton Provincial Park provides many different hiking trails including the hike to the top of Mount Carleton Peak. The park also offers many other trails that include surrounding peaks, waterfalls, lakes and forests.

The Region includes trails in and around the City of Campbellton including Sugarloaf Provincial Park. This includes the trail to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain that overlooks the city from 305 m (1,001 feet).

The Region also includes other trails to peaks in more remote areas like Big Bald Mountain in the Christmas Mountains. The Christmas Mountains are part of the Appalachian range to the south east of Mount Carleton.

The Region is surrounded by the Upper St. John River Region to the west, the Miramichi River Region to the south and the Acadian Peninsula to the east.


Locations in the region:

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