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Devil's Oven Ice Caves

Quick Facts

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Difficulty Easy Features Cave, Ice Cave
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers None but trail easy to follow
Distance 1.1 km one way Scenery Rating Beautiful
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins return Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Ice Cell Phone Reception None
Elevation Change 30 meters GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly Yes Fees Required No



The Devil's Oven Ice Caves are accessed by walking on the ice on a river. The steep sides along the river means that you can't get to the caves without walking on the river. If you are uncertain about the ice conditions do not attempt this trail. The caves are amazing but not worth your life if you fall through the ice. Keep checking on the Hiking NB Facebook page for updates on the ice conditions from others visiting the caves.


From Route 10 (Corner near Tim Hortons and Town Hall) head north-west on Main street. After 1.4 kilometers turn right onto Northside Drive. Follow Northside Drive for 4 kilometers, and just before the road crosses a small bridge over Newcastle Stream turn left onto Tracy Road. After 500 meters the road turn sharp to the left and turns to gravel. Follow this road for 3 kilometers and you will come to a hill down to a small bridge. Find a wide spot to park at the top of the hill so you are not blocking the road. This road is usually plowed but can sometimes be narrow.

The access road is usually plowed but can be quite icy and treacherous. Don't make the mistake of sliding down one of the hills only to realize that you can't drive back up the hill. If you are unsure you can either park and walk the road to the bridge or turn back and check out the Newcastle Stream Trail instead. It can be accessed next to the small bridge near the mouth of the Tracy Road. Tracy Road can be messy in the spring but you access the caves on the ice so you shouldn't be there in the spring.

Trail Description

The ice caves are a short walk downstream from the bridge. The river is narrow and the forest along the sides soon become too steep to maneuver forcing you onto the ice. There are large icicles on the left where it starts to turn steep. Once past the icicles on the left you should be able to see the ice on the ice caves in the distance on the right. When you get there you will first see tall icicles that seem to be pouring out of the trees above. There is a small overhang behind the high icicles but the main cave is behind the shorter ice wall on the left. The different layers of icicles are different colors making it even more amazing.

Continue past the ice caves for another 600 meters and you will see a large cave on the left. This is the Devil's Oven cave.

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Trail last visited March 7, 2017.
Page Last Updated February 27, 2021.