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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area



Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is on the edge of the Northumberland Strait in beautiful southeastern New Brunswick. It is next to the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. It is nestled into the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area, a 621-hectare site with a complex legacy of natural and human history. The centre is a great place to stop, hike the trails, walk the beach, watch the birds, admire the bridge from our observation tower, and see our 19th-century lighthouse. While walking on the trails, you'll be amazed by the 10 unique ecosystems mixing forests, marshes, a sand dune, and many others natural beauties.

There are four trails in the Wildlife Area. The most popular is the Lighthouse Trail that goes out to a lighthouse on a point of land and comes back along the shore. The Gunning Trail goes under the Confederation bridge and follows the shore a bit before crossing through the woods to a lookout platform overlooking a salt marsh. The Beach Walk explores the sandy beach between the bridge and the lighthouse. The longest trail is the Trenholm Trail that goes along the highway and then loops around a peninsula that is surrounded by salt marshes.


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Take exit 51 on Highway 16 just before you get to the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. Soon after, turn right into the parking lot.

If you are coming from Prince Edward Island on the Confederation Bridge, take the first exit after the bridge and stay right. You will loop around under the bridge and them come to the parking lot on the left.


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