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Upper Saint John River Valley Region

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Region Description

The Upper St. John River forms the border between the State of Maine (United States) and New Brunswick, in the north-west corner of the province. The river flows through the city of Edmundston and continues to flow to the town of Grand Falls. Grand Falls is famous for its gorge, which is below a hydro-electric dam in the center of town. There are several trails around the gorge that provide views of the dam and the gorge.

The St. John River then heads south through the town of Perth-Andover and to the town of Florenceville-Bristol where you can find the Shiktehawk Stream trail.

Continue to follow the river south and you will come to the Town of Woodstock where the Meduxnekeag river meets the St. John River. Follow the Meduxnekeag river upstream for about 5 kilometers and you will find the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve. The Preserve has several trails that follow the shore of the river and one that climbs Wilson Mountain. Wilson Mountain is a 130 meter (427 feet) hill on the side of the Meduxnekeag river.

The Upper St. John River Region is surrounded by the Appalachiain Region to the north-east, the Miramichi River Region to the south-east and the Lower St. John River Valley Region to the south.


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