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Valley Outdoor Centre Snowshoe Trails


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Store Upper St. John River

Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type mixed
Distance 2.8 km
Estimated Time 2 hours
Surface Type forested
Elevation Change 27 metres
Features forest, fields
Trail Markers colored circles
Scenery Rating recreational
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly yes
Fees rates


Valley Outdoor Centre is a cross-country ski club in Centreville, near Florenceville-Bristol. They also have a network of snowshoe trails. They offer ski and snowshoe rentals for free with a trail pass. After buying your trail pass, cross the field towards the powerline. The Red Trail enters the woods along the edge of the powerline. The trail meanders through a young mixedwood forest. The trail transitions into a mature forest and passes by beautiful, large hemlock.

The trail comes out to a junction with the yellow trail and one of the ski trails. There are a bunch of active bird feeders by the ski trail. The squirrels also get in on the action. The Yellow Trail is straight and takes you through a fir stand. It comes to a junction with the Green Trail near a field. At this junction you can go in either direction on the green trail. The rest of the trails form a loop so you will return from the opposite direction.

Valley Outdoor Centre snowshoeing trails

Turn right and the Green Trail goes downhill through a dense black spruce forest. At the bottom of the hill is a stream valley full of cedar. The trail roughly follows the stream valley until it comes out on a ski trail. Turn right on the ski trail and in a short distance you will see the white trail enter the woods on the left.

The White Trail travels through an old cut passing by patches of mature trees. It crosses another ski trail that follows an old road. Past the ski trail, the snowshoe trail follows an old road. After it enters the woods again it crosses a stream and climbs a hardwood ridge. At this point there is a junction. Going straight will take you out to a field with another ski trail. Turning left will continue through the hardwood forest.

Valley Outdoor Centre snowshoeing trails

Cross another ski trail and you will be back on the Green Trail. Follow this back to the Yellow Trail, then take the Yellow Trail and Red Trail back to the warming shelter.


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From route 2 near Florenceville-Bristol, take exit 153 to Centreville. Turn towards Centreville and just past the exit turn left onto Rim Road. Drive in the road, past the sharp turn to the right, and after 400 metres turn left into the parking lot. You will see the warming shelter on the right. Park just past the warming shelter.

Valley Outdoor Centre Visitor's Centre

Trail Last Hiked: February 27, 2023.

Page Last Updated: February 12, 2024.