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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Clean Air Trail


Clean Air Trail


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Quick Facts

Difficulty accessible
Trail Type loop
Distance 650 metres
Estimated Time 15 mins
Surface Type crushed rock
Elevation Change 11 meters
Features rock trench, caves
Trail Markers signs
Scenery Rating features
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception strong
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees none


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For directions to the park check out the Rockwood Park page.

Drive past the Lily Lake Pavilion. At the end of the lake keep left and cross over the small causeway onto Fisher Lake Road. Climb the hill and continue driving for 750 metres. When the road turns sharply to the left, park along the parking area just off the end of the turn. Both ends of the Clean Air Trail enter the woods along this parking area.

From the Sign

The Canadian Lung Association

In 1900, tuberculosis, or TB, was the number one killer in Canada. Caused by a bacterial lung infection, it struck down many Canadians in the prime of their lives. One of Canada's first voluntary health organizations, The Canadian Lung Association, (originally The Canadian Association for the Prevention of Consumption and other Forms of Tuberculosis) was established, to provide facilities called sanatoriums, for the care of TB patients. The program expanded to include public health monitoring of TB in schools and work places. This ensured that TB was almost completely eradicated by the late 1950s.

Lung Association Sign

Today, operating at the national, provincial and municipal levels, the Canadian Lung Association works with public health officials, hospitals, universities, community groups and other volunteer health agencies to develop our capacity to treat respiratory disease and make sure the public has the most up-to-date information. The Canadian Lung Association is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization, which depends greatly on generous public donations. Through its Christmas Seal Campaign and other fund-raising activities, it is able to provide awareness, health information, and research support throughout Canada.

From the Sign

Canadian Lung Association monument

This Lung Association Plaza celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Lung Association. Founded in 1900, the Lung Association strives to improve lung health for all Canadians. With the generous support of the public, our volunteers, and dedicated staff, the Lung Association has seen many advances in the fight against lung disease. As the Lung Association embarks on its second century, our goal is to continue to make breathing easier for Canadians through education, community service, advocacy, and research.

Remember. When you can't breath, nothing else matters

Lung Association Monument

The Federation of Danish Associations in Canada generously donated this stone. Quarried near Copenhagen, Denmark, in honour of Einar HolBoll. Einar Holboll was the Danish Postmaster who created the Christmas Seal in 1903 to raise money to fight tuberculosis. To this day, the Christmas Seal is used by Lung Associations around the world in their efforts to improve respiratory health.


The Clean Air Trail is a narrow loop trail. It is a wide, crushed rock trail with lots of benches. There are small hills along the trail. The most interesting part of this trail is that it travels along a strange rocky crack in the earth where the stream has washed away part of the soluble limestone rock. This forms a cave system. There are also several interpretive signs and monuments donated by the Canadian Lung Association (see From the Signs below).

Clean Air Trail

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For a full list of trails in the park go to the Park page.

Trail Last Hiked: March 5, 2021.

Page Last Updated: January 8, 2022.