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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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River Trail

Deer Park


River Trail at Deer Park Gallery


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Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 2.6 km
Estimated Time 1 hour one-way
Surface Type old road
Elevation Change 7 metres
Features river, wetland
Trail Markers none but easy to follow
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating variable
Cell Reception strong
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees none


The River Trail has it all. It follows a narrow strip of land between the Oromocto River and the long, narrow wetland that used to be the river. It travels through a beautiful hardwood forest. The trail starts at the end of the Duck Trail or can be accessed by the Old Roads. At the start of the trail you will cross over the low dam that marks the outflow of the wetland. On the opposite side of the trail (on the right) look for a pipe that is sticking straight up out of the ground. The other end of this pipe is under water in the wetland to keep beavers from plugging it. The height of the pipe keeps the water levels regulated in the wetland.

There are single-track paths that meander through the hardwood stand towards the wetland. They provide views of the wetland, and cover for sneaking up on ducks, but its hard not to make noise in the sticks and bushes along the trail. The trail passes by the Meadow Trail and then the strip of land becomes narrower. You can drop over the bank to access the shore of the Oromocto River in several places. The trail comes closer to the wetland in this section and soon goes out around a small peninsula that juts out into the wetland. From here you will get open views looking down the wetland. Make sure you look closely for ducks and herons in the tall grasses along the edge of the wetland. They can sometimes be very hard to see.

River Trail at Deer Park

After the peninsula, the trail follows along a smaller wetland and mostly provides views of the river. You will see the road bridge before you cross under it on the trail. After the road bridge there isn't much wetland to see, but you will still have views of the river and the bridges crossing the river. Eventually you will come to the stairs that climb up to the Old Railbed Trail. Climb up and you can go out on the walking bridge over the river. From here you can continue on the trail all the way to Fredericton by crossing the bridge or go the other way on the railbed trail to get back to the ballfield. You may also choose to return the way you came.

Ringed-neck ducks on the River Trail at Deer Park

I have seen so many kinds of wildlife and birds on this trail. I have seen heron, ducks of all sorts, beavers, woodpeckers, and sparrows. I don't think I have ever visited this trail and not seen anything. If you love wildlife this is an amazing place to explore.


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You can access the River Trail from the Old Roads or the end of the Duck Trail to the east. The Meadow Trail is probably the most popular access point in the middle of the trail. The other end of the trail can be accessed by the Old Railbed Trail by the walking bridge over the Oromocto River.

River Trail at Deer Park in Oromocto

Trail Last Hiked: October 7, 2023.

Page Last Updated: March 16, 2024.