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Hiker's Dream Trail

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Difficulty Moderate Features Dry Pond, Dam
Trail Type Loop Trail Markers Blue Squares
Distance 3.39 km Scenery Rating Special Features
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins Mainteance Rating Medium
Trail Surface Type Forested Cell Phone Reception Strong
Elevation Change 46 m GPS file Available on request


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For directions to the park go to Pokiok Park.

From the park sign take the small road to the left of the sign. After 400 meters you will come to a parking area with outhouses. The trail head at the back of the parking area to the left takes you into the woods. The trail head at the back right of the parking area goes through the woods towards the stream. The two trail heads form a loop so it doesn't matter which one you choose. I prefer to start on the trail to the left through the woods and returning along the stream, but that's just a personal preference.

Trail Description

The Hiker's dream trail starts through a mainly softwood forest and at some point starts to follow an old road that is grown up in small hardwoods and barely identifiable as an old road. The trail eventually comes to a small rocky pond that only has water in it for part of the year. This pond is an interesting place to explore with or without water. The trail continues through the woods to the right of the pond.

The trail goes through a mainly softwood dominated forest with many hemlock trees and other softwoods. There are a few sections of the trail that are hard to follow so be careful not to leave the trail by mistake. Eventually the trail comes out of the woods along an inlet of the Pokiok Deadwater. The Pokiok Deadwater is a long section of stream that is backed up by a Ducks Unlimited dam to flood the area surrounding the stream. You can see how large the wetland is on the map above. The wetland is perfect for ducks and other water loving creatures including the local otters. Shortly after your first view of the deadwater you will come out at the Ducks Unlimited Dam.

When you go back into the woods at the dam take the trail to the left. The trail here follows an old road and travels roughly along Pokiok Stream. At several points the trail comes close to the stream. Eventually you will see a trail start to climb the hill to the right. This trail will take you back to the parking lot. This trail was hard to find the last time we were there. If you miss the trail and continue on the old road you will come out at the small bridge on the main road. If you come out at the bridge just turn right and follow the road back to the entrance of the park, then go up the side road to the parking area.


This trail is in the Hiking NB trail guide for the Lower St. John River Valley Region - Meductic to Fredericton. The guide is available for download below:

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Trail last visited February 20, 2010.
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