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The Most Definitive Guide to Hiking in New Brunswick

Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Town of Saint Andrews


The Town of Saint Andrews has very interesting history and a diversity of trails to explore. Ministers Island is our favorite. It can only be accessed at low tide so check the tide schedule. The blockhouse near downtown is also a historic site. A ridge juts out into the bay at low tide that provides an amazing place to take a walk.

If the tide is high you can climb Chamcook Mountain or take a walk along the now paved Van Horne Trail and check out the beach at Pagan Point Nature Preserve.

Other amazing hiking options just outside of Saint Andrews are Simpson Hill in Bayside and Caughey-Taylor Nature Reserve in Bocabec. The Nature Preserve has several trails that circle a tidal pond, pass cliffs, extend to a point in the bay and climb Chickahominy Mountain.


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