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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Beach Walk

New River Beach Provincial Park


A couple walking on the beach at New River Beach Provincial Park


Store Fundy West

Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 1.6 km one-way
Estimated Time 1 hour
Surface Type sand
Elevation Change 2 metres
Features beach
Trail Markers none but easy to follow
Scenery Rating must see
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly no
Fees yes


New River Beach is a narrow sandy beach at high tide, and an expansive sand beach at low tide. The waters of the Bay of Fundy are usually quite cold so there is usually a lot of people wading, sun tanning, and beach exploring, but not many swimming. If you turn left on the beach at low tide, you can go around a point to a smaller beach. If you continue on this smaller beach you will eventually come to a trail that accesses the parking lot near the Chitticks Beach Trail.

Rocky outcrops at the far end of New River Beach

If you turn right on the beach you will have to wade through a stream that is fed from a small pond near the parking lot. The pond refills at high tide. The depth of the stream will depend on where things are in the tide cycle. At the far end of the beach there are large rocky outcrops that expose themselves at low tide. They capture many small tidal pools that are great to explore. Just past the rocky outcrops is where New River flows into the bay. On the point of land between the river and the beach there is a unique cottage. I was told by someone that it is owned by the Olands that own Moosehead Breweries.



Episode 11: Being Dramatic at New River Beach


For directions to the park see the New River Beach Provincial Park page.

After turning onto New River Beach Road, drive for 650 metres and then turn left into the park. You will need to pay a gate fee to enter the park. Once through the gate, go along the shore to the right, and go down the hill to the main parking lot. On the way to the parking lot you will pass by several beach access trails. There is also overflow parking to the left when entering the park road.

One of the entrances to New River Beach
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Trail Last Hiked: May 17 2020.

Page Last Updated: January 21, 2023.