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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Great Pond Trail


Quick Facts

Difficulty accessible
Trail Type mixed
Distance 300 metres
Estimated Time 20 mins return
Surface Type crushed rock
Elevation Change 4 meters
Features blind, pond
Trail Markers none but easy to follow
Scenery Rating special features
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees none


Great Pond Trail Gallery


For directions to the park go to the Anchorage Park page.

Enter the main entrance of the park and stay left on Long Pond Road. At the end of the Long Pond Road you will come to a junction just before the beach. Turn left at this junction and travel along Long Pond. At 1.1 km you will see a small parking lot next to the sign for the Great Pond Trail. The trail starts beside the parking lot next to the sign.

Trail head for Great Pond



Store Fundy West


The Great Pond Trail starts by crossing a small bridge. The bridge has an interpretive sign that explains how Long Pond and Great Pond became a bird sanctuary in 1931, and describes what birds you may see on the trail. Just past the bridge is a duck blind overlooking the pond. Stop here and see what waterfowl you can see before continuing on.

Duck blind at Great Pond

The trail continues to the left of the blind and goes out towards the pond. The trail from this point on was under water on our last visit. I could see another interpretive sign out in the bog next to the trail but would have had to wade in water up to my ankles to get there.

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Trail Last Hiked: June 24, 2017.

Page Last Updated: September 5, 2021.