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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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ATV Trails


ATV Trails


Store Fundy East

Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type linear
Distance 3 km
Estimated Time 1 hr
Surface Type old roads
Elevation Change 58 metres
Features forest
Trail Markers signs
Scenery Rating recreational
Maintenance Rating variable
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


The ATV Trails are shared use trails that run roughly around the outside of the trail system (it's a little more complicated than that in the southern section). They are old roads that are well used and are mainly used to access the other trails are Old Roads in the park. They can also be muddy in places but we haven't seen any yet that have large puddles blocking the trail.

Mastodon Fossil Sign

An interesting feature along the trail in the north end of the park is the Mastodon Fossil Site. There is a sign along the trail that explains how in 1936 a mastodon skeleton was found near the stream. It was one of the best preserved and most complete mastodon skeletons ever discovered. The mastodon is now in the possession of NB Museums. For more information about the mastodon, including a video of it, go to the Village of Hillsborough Website.


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For directions to the park go to the White Rock Recreation page.

The ATV Trail can be accessed from both entrances to the park. The ATV Trails are used to access all the other trails.

The start of the ATV Trails at White Rock Recreation Area

Trail Last Hiked: April 23, 2022.

Page Last Updated: December 18, 2022.