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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Village of Hillsborough



My first memory of Hillsborough was when my parents took me there as a child to see the trains. Since then it has been a village I drive through on the way to Fundy National Park. When I finally stopped to check out their trails I was amazed at how much history, geology and nature there was to explore. The trains were a large part of Hillsborough's history. Across from the Petitcodiac Dykeland Trails you will find the outdoor train museum. If I remember correctly this is where my parents took me to see the trains when this was a working railway.

The other large part of history in Hillsborough is the gypsum mines. The White Rock Recreation Area is a trail system developed from all the old roads surrounding old gypsum mines. The white rock is quite striking and forms some very interesting geological features such as sink holes and streams that flow out from under cliff faces. There are also old mine caves. I haven't found the caves yet. If you find them before I do use caution. The other remnant of the gypsum industry is the silos near the river on the Petitcodiac Dykeland Trails.

There is also an abundance of nature in the area. The Petitcodiac Dykeland Trails is a large area of ponds and fields that are adjacent to the muddy waters of the Petitcodiac River. The Gray Brook Marsh and Wetlands Trail travels around a Ducks Unlimited pond and marsh. Both areas are full of songbirds and waterfowl.


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From Riverview head south on Route 114 (Hillsborough Road). Drive for 22 kilometres and you will come to Hillsborough.

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