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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Fundy Footpath

Fundy National Park to Quiddy River Section


Goose Creek

Quick Facts

Difficulty strenuous
Trail Type linear
Distance 13 km
Estimated Time 1 day
Surface Type forested, beach
Elevation Change 170 meters
Features coastal views, waterfall
Trail Markers white blazes
Scenery Rating must-see
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly yes
Fees access through park



A new Goose River Trail was opened in 2018 at Fundy National Park. This new trail extends from the end of the Coppermine Trail and travels along the coast. The new trail now includes what used to be the Fundy Footpath Link Trail that accesses the start of the Fundy Footpath. We need to update our maps for these trails but until then you can see the new Coastal Trail as trail 9 at the bottom of this park map.

Note that the campsites to the east of Goose River, on the hill and on the beach, are part of Fundy National Park and need to be reserved through the Park's Canada reservation system. There is also a campsite to the west of Goose River that is outside of the park.

The trail climbs out of the Goose River valley and passes the Rose Brook Access Trail before descending down into the Rose Brook Valley and Azors Beach. There is a campsite near where Rose Brook comes out to the gravel beach. The trail then climbs up out of the Rose Brook Valley and crosses a plateau. This section of trails crosses many small brooks. The Jim Brook Valley is a bit deeper than all the rest. There is a lookout that allows you to see the bay but not much of the coastline before the trail drops down to the Goose Creek Valley.

Rose Brook Campsite

Goose Creek is a tidal crossing so make sure you know the tide times to plan your crossing. You should be able to cross within 3 hours on either side of low tide. Once you cross Goose Creek follow the trail along the woods on the other side of the valley until you come to the Goose Creek campsite. Just before the campsite you will pass the Goose Creek Access Trail entering the woods on the right. The Footpath continues beyond the campsite.

The section along the woods in Goose Creek Valley can be quite muddy and boggy. If you cross at low tide it is much easier to walk down Goose Creek and cross over to the gravel bar at the mouse of the valley. An ATV trail at the other end of the long beach will take you to the Goose Creek Campsite and continuation of the Footpath.

Goose Creek

The trail climbs steeply out of the Goose Creek Valley and crosses another plateau before descending into the Brandy Brook Valley. A short side trail along Brandy Brook takes you to a campsite. Continuing on this side trail will take you to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum falls. This is a two tiereed falls that flows over the moss covered rock like a waterslide. Each tier of the waterfall is about 6 feet high.

The climb up out of Brandy Brook valley is steep with several switchbacks. It is less than 100 meters to the top since the Brandy Brook valley is over 50 meters above sea level. As soon as you get to the top of the hill the trail begins to descend along the hill facing the bay. Once you are back down the hill the trail flattens out and travels along the contour of the hill.

The trail come to a hole in the trees with an amazing view of Martin Head. The trail soon transitions from a mainly spruce forest type to a more mixedwood forest type with many large hardwoods, mainly yellow birch. At this point the trail travels along a steep hilltop where you will be looking down at the sandy beach below. If its the weekend you may see someone camping on the beach.

Martin Head view

The trail passes an interesting pond that is cut deep into the ground. The trail soon crosses an ATV Trail. If you follow the ATV trail a short distance you will come out to the Goose Creek Road. Turn left and this road will lead you down to the long sandy beach on the left. A long sandy point will lead you to Quiddy River. Cross this river and you will climb a large gravel bar on the other side that leads out to Martin Head. This crossing can only be made at low tide so use caution and remember you have to come back this way. If you can't get back across it is a long distance through the woods climbing the hill to come to the footpath above Quiddy River.

If you don't follow the ATV trail and stay on the Footpath you will turn sharply to the right as the trail begins to follow roughly along Goose Creek Road. The trail steadily climbs the hill through a mainly spruce forest where the trail cuts deep into the sphagnum moss. After the trail levels off a bit it turns to the right and crosses the Goose Creek Road. On the other side of the road it is a steep descent down to Quiddy River.

Note: all distances are horizontal GPS distances. They do not take into account the many steep ups and downs which add distance.



Store Fundy East

Elevation Profile

Quiddy River to Fundy Park


The best way to access this section of the trail is from what used to be the Fundy Footpath Link Trail but is now part of the new Goose River Trail at Fundy National Park. The other end of this section joins up with the Quiddy River to Little Salmon River section of the Fundy Footpath.

Rose Brook Access Trail

There are also three access trails on this section of the Footpath. In the summer of 2016 we drove in a small car to the Goose Creek Access Trail without much trouble. We parked the other car near the Rose Brook Access Trail (see picture above) The Goose Creek access trail is the longest on the Footpath at about 2 km in length. It takes you to the campsite at Goose Creek. The Rose Brook and Jim Brook access trails are much shorter.

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Trail Last Hiked: July 1, 2018.

Page Last Updated: August 6, 2019.