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Eagle Hill Nature Trail, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park

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Town of Shediac



Shediac is a town in the southeast corner of the province that proclaims to be the Lobster Capital of World. This may be due to the 5 meter tall, 90 tonne Lobster, that sits in the center of town. A favorite place for photos if you like giant things. The town is also known for its beaches. Most notably Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Parlee Beach is where people from Moncton and Dieppe come to leave the city behind.

Shediac has several trails around the town that follow old rail beds. Trains used to travel through the town to access the wharf. The trains are long gone but the abutments of an old train bridge still stand in the Scoudouc River at the end of the Old Scoudouc River Train Bridge Trail. The other trails travel through neighborhoods and green space on their way to the wharf. The Downtown to Pointe-du-Chêne Trail passes over a small bridge on South Cove, providing views of Shediac Bay. Parlee Beach Provincial Park has wooded trails that mainly serve as access to the Beach. Parlee Beach itself is a 2 kilometre long, sandy beach. The beach faces the Northumberland Strait, with views of Shediac Island, and is a great place to take a walk. If you want to get away from the beach crowd, or would just like to take a walk in the woods, you can check out the Riverside Trails along the Scoudouc River.


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Shediac is near the junction between Route 11, which travels south from Kouchoubouguac National Park, and Route 15, which travels up from the City of Moncton. Once you find Main Street follow the directions on each of the trail pages to find the trails.


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