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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Alyre Bourque Trail

Sentier Pluriel de Grande-Digue


Alyre Bourque Trail Gallery


Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 2.9 km one-way
Estimated Time 2 hours
Surface Type grass
Elevation Change 44 metres
Features bay, osprey
Trail Markers red squares
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception variable
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees donations accepted


The trail leaves the École Trail and heads straight through the woods on an old road that is wide and kept mowed. The road continues straight and eventually comes out into the back of a field. The trail continues straight along the edge of the field and goes through a sort of tunnel between a couple of rows of red pine. After the red pine, the trail goes along someone's backyard and then comes to Route 530.

After crossing route 530 there is a small parking lot for the trail. The trail continues straight, passing by a few more houses before entering the woods again. The trail passes by a small pond where we heard a cacophony of spring peeper frogs. The trail comes out into a small field with a bench overlooking Cocagne Cove. From here I could see several great blue heron and ducks in the cove.

Osprey on the Alyre Bourque Trail in Grande-Digue

After this point there was a trail being built to get out to Cocagne Bay. It was a bit muddy but passable. After going through a patch of trees the trail comes out along the edge of the lawn of a cabin. At the end of a lawn, the trail passes by a nesting pole for osprey. At this point there were several ospreys circling closely overhead. They were very curious about what I was doing there. They seemed to be coming from back in the trees behind the cabin. They circled as I made my way across the small field to get to the shore.

From the shore I could see fish pens in Cocagne Bay. I could have turned right and continued along the narrow beach. At the end of the beach is a sand dune between the bay and the cove. I chose not to because I was trying to hike all the trails in Grande-Digue and I was running out of time.

On my visit I saw a garter snake on the grassy road, mourning doves in the trees by the rows of red pine, mourning cloak butterflies, ducks and heron in the cove and of course several ospreys flying overhead near the bay. The pond had many spring peepers (frogs), and it was interesting to watch a brown creeper (small brown bird) hop up and down a tree.



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You can access the southern end of the trail from the middle of the École Trail and the new Quatre-temps trail. You can also access the trail from the small parking lot where it bisects Route 530. To get there turn onto Route 530 from Route 134 in Cocagne. Drive for 3.6 kilometres and you will see the small parking lot on the left.

Parking for the Alyre Bourque Trail in Grande-Digue
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Trail Last Hiked: April 29, 2023.

Page Last Updated: February 19, 2024.