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Escuminac Lighthouse


Escuminac Lighthouse


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Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type mixed
Distance 6 km
Estimated Time 4 hour
Surface Type road, beach
Elevation Change 15 meters
Features lighthouse, peat cliffs
Trail Markers shoreline
Scenery Rating must-see
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly yes
Fees by donation


Escuminac Lighthouse isn't your typical hiking trail but I had to add it because it is a fascinating place to explore. I can't believe it took me until I was 46 to get here to explore. The lightstation is pretty cool, and the views from the point between Miramichi Bay and the Northumberland Strait are great, but the really interesting part is the peat moss. The point is made up of 5 metres (15 foot) high cliffs of peat moss. In other parts of the province, and not far from the point, this thick peat has been stripped off and sold for gardening soil. Escuminac Point is protected as a Nature Preserve with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. It is the only place in the province that I have seen this type of large peat cliffs.

Peat at Escuminac Point

There are several options for making this a walk. The first is the access road. Once the road turns to gravel there are several wide spots and turns outs where you can park a car. Make sure you are not blocking the road. The road cuts through the preserve with open views of the peat bog on either side. Once you get close to the point the road comes close to the shore on the right. Use caution if you choose to explore the coast before it becomes a rocky beach. The high peat cliffs are very crumbly and it's a long drop down to the beach below.

Once you get close to the point the road follows along a rocky beach on the right. This makes a great place to explore. On the beach we found large clumps of peat that had washed ashore and were steaming in the sun.

Rocky Beach south of Escuminac Point

The other option is a beach walk from the Escuminac Beach and Family Park. The beach starts as sand but soon transitions into a more rocky beach coming out from under the peat cliffs. The cliffs get higher as you approach the point. It is just under 6 kilometres from the Park to the point. We haven't hiked the beach yet. You may want to plan it for low tide. If not you may need to wade or climb up on the peat cliffs. We will get back to you on this one once we have tried it. It would definitely be an amazing hike along these cliffs.

There are some trails around the lighthouse. On our visit we walked in the road and then explored the cliffs along the beach on the north side of the point.


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Find your way to Escuminac on route 117, either from Miramichi or from Kouchibouguac National Park. From the corner in Escuminac take the Escuminac Point Road along Miramichi Bay. Drive for just over 4 kilometres and the road turns into a gravel road. From here to the lighthouse is another 5 kilometres. Depending on the road conditions, and your vehicle's abilities, you may be able to drive all the way to the lighthouse. If not you can park somewhere without blocking the road and walk the rest of the way.

Escuminac Point Nature Reserve

If you are planning to do the beach walk you can park at Escuminac Beach and Family Park (a small fee may be required). The park is on the left just before the road turns to gravel. Once parked make your way to the beach and turn right.

Trail Last Hiked: April 25, 2021.

Page Last Updated: December 1, 2021.