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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Escuminac Dunes


Escuminac Dunes


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Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 3.2 km one way
Estimated Time 2 hours 30 mins
Surface Type sand, rock
Elevation Change 2 meters
Features dunes, beach
Trail Markers shoreline
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly yes
Fees none


Note that this beach travels along the front of private properties so tread lightly. One of the houses near the start is on a point. At high tide the beach may be underwater in front of the house. If you do not want to get your feet wet you may want to return when the tide is receded. You can continue to Escuminac Beach to explore or go get a coffee in Escuminac.

The trail starts out quite rocky. The rocks are covered with snails so try not to step on any. Just past the house on the point the rock turns into a sandy beach. Soon a large dune raises up to separate the houses from the beach. Once you pass the dune you will come to a grassy meadow along the inner beach. The grassy meadow leads down to an inlet behind the dunes.

Escuminac Dunes

A the end of the dune you will get great views of Fox Island. This is one of many long, sandy islands that cross the mouth of Miramichi Bay, stretching all the way Tabusintac. There are several towers you can see on the island. I am assuming they are some type of light stations.

Once you turn around and start back you will see the Escuminac dock in the distance.



Get yourself to Escuminac and then find the junction where route 117 turns into Escuminac Point Road. There is a small parking area off the end of this junction. The trail goes down to the beach on the left.

Escuminac Dunes Parking
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Trail Last Hiked: September 21, 2019.

Page Last Updated: September 22, 2019.