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Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Val Comeau Beach and Tabusintac Dune


Val Comeau Beach


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Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type linear
Distance 16.8 km
Estimated Time 10 hrs
Surface Type sand
Elevation Change 8 metres
Features beach, dune
Trail Markers none but easy to follow
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception medium
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees none


Val Comeau Beach and the Tabusintac Dune give you several options for taking a long walk. The busier place to walk is at Val Comeau Beach. This 1.8 kilometre section of beach takes you past the campground to the point. The point ends where the Tracadie River flows into Miramichi Bay. This section of beach is frequented by campers. There is also a playground next to the parking lot. If you continue to walk south (to the right) on this beach you should be able to get to the end of the Val Comeau Road by passing in front of a lot of houses.

Great Blue Heron

If you are looking for a more wild experience you can start at the end of Val Comeau Road like I did. From the parking lot head south (to the right). On a nice day you may pass many locals on the beach fishing bass or just enjoying the day. After a short distance you will be past most of the people. Above the beach you will find Grand Lake. Grand Lake is a large pond behind the beach where you should be able to see lots of waterfowl. The easiest way to get close to the lake is through the sandy channel where the outlet flows across the beach.

The beach then passes by a stand of trees and another small pond above the beach. Bald eagles or osprey are prevalent in this area so make sure you look for them in the trees. The beach goes around a point and then passes by another long pond. At this point in my walk I had Great Blue Heron fly over from the pond. There were also several seals swimming in the waters offshore. I assume they were waiting for me to pass. The next section of the beach is a Piping Plover breeding ground. Piping Plovers have nests in the dry sand up near the beach grass. It is recommended that you walk down near the water in the wet zone so you don't disturb them.

Seals Swimming offshore

The beach soon comes to the end of Cedriere Road. After passing the road you will see another long pond on the right with another section of beach that's a Piping Plover breeding ground. On my visit there were hundreds of cormorants gathered around a small island in the pond. Not long after the long pond the beach begins to separate from the mainland and becomes a long dune that protects Tabusintac Bay. The Dune is 10 kilometres one way (12 from the end of Cedriere Road). This would make a great day adventure and is definitely in my plans for my next visit.


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There are three main access points to the beach and dune. The first is near the end of the Parc de Val Comeau Road. Just before you come to the gate to the campground, you will find a large parking area for the beach on the right. There is a beautiful new boardwalk that takes you to the beach in the righthand corner of the parking area.

Boardwalk to the Beach

The second access point is at the end of the Val Comeau Road. Just before the end of the road there is a parking area on the right. From here you can access the beach in both directions and the dune if you continue walking to the right.

The best way to access the Tabusintac Dune is from Cedriere Road. Just before you come to the end of the road at the beach you will find a parking area on the left. From the parking lot walk out to the beach at the end of the road. If you turn left on the beach you will head back towards Val Comeau. If you turn right on the beach you will soon be out on the Tabusintac Dune.

Trail Last Hiked: July 18, 2021.

Page Last Updated: December 25, 2021.