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Acadian Coastal South Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Baie Verte Goodwin Park Red-winged Blackbird Easy Mixed 2.18 km Marsh, Stream
Bouctouche Bouctouche Bay Easy Linear 2.78 km Bay
Bouctouche Irving Eco-Centre Dunes Easy Linear 12 km Beach, Lookout Tower
Bouctouche Dunes to Downtown Easy Mixed 8.6 km River, Forest, Fields
Bouctouche Irving Arboretum Irving Arboretum Easy Loop 5.48 km Arboretum, Church
Bouctouche Visitor Center Boardwalk Wheelchair Linear 0.16 km Wetland, Bay
Cape Jourimain CapeJourimain Gunning Easy Mixed 2.48 km Ocean, Bridge
Cape Jourimain CapeJourimain Lighthouse Easy Loop 1.62 km Ocean, Lighthouse
Cape Jourimain CapeJourimain Trenholm Moderate Mixed 5.41 km Salt Marshes
Cap-Pelé NB Trails Boardwalk Easy Linear 0.35 km Salt Marsh
Cap-Pelé Aboiteau L'Aboiteau Wheelchair Linear 2.47 km Beach, Marsh
Cap-Pelé Plein Air Hibou Blanc Wheelchair Loop 5.32 km Forest
Cormier Village Cormier Village Eco Trails Easy Mixed 2.10 km River, Forest
Haute-Aboujagane Haute-Aboujagane Huning and Fishing Club Trails Easy Mixed 3.4 km Forest, Stream
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Beaver Wheelchair Mixed 1.36 km Old Dam
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Bog Easy Linear 0.93 km Bog, Lookout Tower
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Calendars to Kellys Easy Linear 3.28 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Claire Fontaine Easy Loop 3.25 km Bay
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Info to Motel Easy Linear 1.42 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Kellys Beach Wheelchair Linear 0.53 km Boardwalk, Beach
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac River Easy Linear 1.83 km + Tidal River
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac La Source to Kellys Easy Linear 5.14 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Loggiecroft to Point Sapin Easy Linear 9.11 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Middle Kouchibouguac to La Source Easy Linear 2.7 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Middle Kouchibouguac to Loggiecroft Easy Linear 6.75 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Migmag Cedar Wheelchair Mixed 1.31 km Teepee, Interpret Signs
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Osprey Easy Mixed 3.2 km River, Bay
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Patterson To Middle Easy Linear 2.44 km Mixed Forest, Fields
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Petit Large to Calendars Easy Linear 8.65 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Petit Large to La Source Easy Linear 4.08 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Petit Large to Middle Kouchibouguac Easy Linear 1.79 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Pijeboogwek to Patterson Easy Linear 2.04 km Forest
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Pijeboogwek to Petit Large Easy Linear 2.8 km
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Pines Easy Loop 0.83 km Interpretive Signs
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Salt Marsh Wheelchair Mixed 0.62 km Salt Marsh
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Tweedie Easy Loop 1.11 km River, Inlet
Kouchibouguac Kouchibouguac Williams Cemetary Easy Mixed 0.77 km River, Cemetary
Murray Corner Murray Beach Murray Beach Easy Linear 1.25 km Beach
Murray Corner Murray Beach Perimeter Easy Linear 1.96 km Coastal Views
Port Elgin Gaspereaux Easy Linear 1 km River, Fort
Port Elgin Port Elgin to Cape Tormentine Easy Linear 25.37 km Fields, Forest
Port Elgin Sackville to Port Elgin Easy Linear 29.74 km Marsh, Forest
Port Elgin ScenicWalk Easy Linear 0.19 km Pond
Shediac Downtown to Pointe-du-Chêne Wheelchair Linear 2.19 km Bridge, Bay
Shediac Parlee Beach Easy Linear 2.24 km Beach, Lookout Towers
Shediac Pointe-du-Chêne Road to Parlee Beach Wheelchair Linear 2.08 km Forest, Field
Shediac Vestiaire Street to Sackville Street Wheelchair Linear 1.72 km Playground
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Acadian Peninsula North Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail Difficult Linear 141 km River, Waterfalls
Bathurst Bathurst Waterfront Wheelchair Linear 1.64 km Bay, City
Bathurst Tetagouche Falls Difficult - Steep Linear 0.23 km Waterfall, old dam
Bathurst Tetagouche Tetagouche Park Easy Linear 0.20 km River, Bay
Bathurst Youghall Beach Easy Linear 1.29 km Beach, River, Bay
Bathurst Daly Point Coastal Easy Loop 1.12 km Lookouts, Beach
Bathurst Daly Point Field Easy Linear 0.62 km Lookout Tower, Fields
Bathurst Daly Point Gulch Easy Loop 0.39 km Stream, Ravine
Bathurst Daly Point Salt Marsh Easy Linear 0.80 km Salt Marsh, Bay
Bathurst Daly Point Warbler Easy Linear 0.65 km Very Friendly Birds
Bathurst Daly Point White Birch Easy Linear 0.32 km White Birch Stand
Bathurst Daly Point White Pine Easy Linear 0.66 km Old Pines
Bathurst Daly Point Woodland Easy Linear 0.59 km Forest, Fields
Beresford Beresford Beach Beresford Beach Easy Mixed 1.97 km Beach, Marsh
Lameque Lameque Eco-Parc Lagoon & Arboretum Wheelchair Mixed 1.92 km Lagoon, Boardwalks
Miscou Island Miscou Peat Bog Boardwalk Wheelchair Loop 0.66 km Peat Bog
Neguac Ile-aux-foins East Trail Moderate Linear 0.39 km Lagoon, Bay, Beach
Neguac Ile-aux-foins Lagoon Boardwalk Easy Loop 0.39 km Bay, Shore, Lighthouse
Neguac Ile-aux-foins West Trail Easy Linear 0.27 km Bay, Beach
Pabineau First Nation Oasapegal Heritage Oasapegal Hertiage Park Easy Mixed 0.86 km River
Pointe-Verte Atlas Back Easy Loop 1.05 km Forest
Pointe-Verte Atlas Botanical Garden Easy Loop 0.43 km Botanical Garden
Pointe-Verte Atlas Heron Easy Loop 0.76 km Forest, Interp Signs
Pointe-Verte Atlas Hummingbird Easy Loop 0.61 km Lake, Tower
Pointe-Verte Atlas Owl Easy Loop 0.32 km Forest
Pointe-Verte Atlas Sparrow Easy Loop 0.78 km Forest, Interp Signs
Shippagan Sentier Rivage Boardwalk Wheelchair Linear 2.1 km Boardwalk, Bay
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Appalachian Range Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Big Bald Mountain Moderate Linear 1.77 km one way Peak
Atholville Bird Sanctuary Wheelchair Linear 1.15 km one way River, Estuary
Atholville Bird Sanctuary to Sugarloaf Park Easy Linear 3.45 km one way River, Park
Campbellton Walker Brook Easy Linear 1.45 km Brook, Marsh
Campbellton Waterfront Wheelchair Linear 1.17 km River, Wharf, Bridge
Campbellton Sugarloaf Lake Access (Trail 5) Moderate Mixed 2.06 km Lake, Grave Site
Campbellton Sugarloaf Prichard Lake (Trail 6) Moderate Loop 4.13 km Lake
Campbellton Sugarloaf Ski Hill (Trail 1) Easy Loop 1.78 km Ski Hill
Campbellton Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Mountain Difficult Linear 0.72 km Peak, Lookout
Campbellton Sugarloaf Terry Fox Easy Loop 4.06 km Mountain
Campbellton Sugarloaf White Pine Moderate Loop 3.71 km Mountain View
Dalhousie Dalhousie Mountain Moderate Linear 1.56 km Lookouts
Kedgwick Kedgwick Rest Stop Easy Loop 1.74 km Ponds, Fountain
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Bald Mountain Brook Strenuous Linear 3.41 km Waterfalls
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Big Brook Moderate Linear 10.9 km Lake, Stream
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Caribou Brook Moderate Linear 5.16 km Forest
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Dry Brook Strenuous Linear 5.84 km Waterfalls
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Mount Bailey Strenuous mixed 6.9 km Mountain Peak
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Difficult Loop 9.27 km Mountain Peak
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Mount Head Moderate Linear 4.72 km Peak
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Mount Sagamook Strenuous mixed 2.56 km Peak, Rocky Outcrops
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Pine Point Easy Loop 2.5 km Lake, Red Pine
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Portage Easy Linear 4.09 km Forest, Lakes
Mount Carleton Mount Carleton Williams Falls Wheelchair Linear 0.27 km Waterfall
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Fundy Coastal East Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Fundy Footpath Difficult Linear 41 km Fundy Coast
Martin Head Moderate Mixed 1 km Fundy Coast
Walton Glen Gorge Difficult Linear 4.61 km Waterfalls, Cliffs
Alma Fundy Caribou Plain Wheelchair, Easy Loop 2.61 km Bog, Lake
Alma Fundy Coastal Strenuous Linear 4.65 km Coast, Rocky Outcrops
Alma Fundy Coppermine Moderate Mixed 4.34 km Mine, Coastal Views
Alma Fundy Dickson Falls Moderate Loop 1.38 km Waterfall, Gorge
Alma Fundy Fundy Footpath Link Steep Sections Linear 1.48 km River, Stream
Alma Fundy Goose River Strenuous Linear 7.87 km Coast, River
Alma Fundy Kinnie Brook Moderate Linear 1.44 km Rock Outcrops, Gorge
Alma Fundy Laverty Falls Moderate Linear 2.54 km Rock Outcrops, Gorge
Alma Fundy Matthews Head Moderate Loop 4.66 km Coastal Views
Alma Fundy Maple Grove Strenuous Linear 3.91 km Hardwood Ridge
Alma Fundy Moosehorn Moderate-Strenuous Linear 4.44 km River, Waterfalls
Alma Fundy Point Wolfe Easy Linear 0.35 km Beach, Point
Alma Fundy Shiphaven Easy Linear 0.55 km Lookouts, Covered Bridge
Alma Fundy Third Vault Falls Difficult Linear 3.69 km Waterfall
Alma Fundy Tippen Lot Strenuous Linear 3.62 km Pond, Old Forest
Alma Fundy Tracey Lake Moderate Linear 7.40 km Lakes
Alma Fundy Whitetail Strenuous Linear 3.58 km Stream, Ravine
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Blue Wheelchair Loop 2.1 km Forest
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Green Easy Loop 1.86 km Forest
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Mountain Bike Easy Mixed 1.5 km Forest, Stream
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Purple Easy Linear 0.10 km Forest
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Red Easy Loop 1.5 km Forest
Dieppe Saint-Anselme Yellow Easy Loop 0.76 km Forest
Hopewell Cape Hopewell Rocks Park Cape Rocks Easy Linear 0.95 km Flowerpot Rocks, Tides
Hopewell Cape Hopewell Rocks Park Desmoiselles Beach Easy Linear 0.79 km Beach, Lookouts
Johnson Mills Johnson Mills Bird Sanctuary Johnson Mills Wheelchair Linear 1.94 km Shorebirds, Mudflats
Mapleton Mapleton Acadian Forest Moderate Loop 3.2 km Hill, Forest, Streams
Mary's Point Mary's Point Easy Linear 0.57 km Birds, Beach
Memramcook Riverfront Wheelchair Linear 5.32 km River, Mudflats
Midland Midland Ice Caves Easy/Moderate Linear 2.4 km Ice Caves
Moncton Hall's Creek Moderate Loop 3.16 km Stream
Moncton Centennial Campground Easy Linear 0.18 km Campground
Moncton Centennial Carcajou Wheelchair Loop 1.88 km Forest
Moncton Centennial Centennial Park Road Wheelchair Linear 0.83 km Forest
Moncton Centennial Colvert Wheelchair Loop 0.94 km Pond
Moncton Centennial Dog Park Easy Loop 0.45 km Dog Park
Moncton Centennial Fire Break Road Wheelchair Linear 0.92 km Stream
Moncton Centennial Fox Easy Loop 0.20 km Stream
Moncton Centennial Lynx Wheelchair Loop 3.47 km Stream
Moncton Centennial Martre Wheelchair Loop 0.68 km Tree-Go
Moncton Centennial Muskrat Wheelchair Loop 0.81 km Pond
Moncton Centennial Owl Wheelchair Linear 0.29 km Forest
Moncton Centennial Porcupine Easy Linear 0.90 km Stream
Moncton Centennial Squirrel Wheelchair Linear 0.20 km Forest
Moncton Centennial Viceroy Wheelchair Linear 0.44 km Lodge
Moncton Irishtown Red Wheelchair Loop 4.23 km Reservoir, Dam
Moncton Irishtown Tankville School Easy Loop 0.64 km Museum, Forest
Moncton Irishtown Yellow Easy Mixed 2.37 km Reservoir
Moncton Mapleton Floodplain Wheelchair Linear 2.90 km Stream
Moncton Mapleton Forest Easy Mixed 2.43 km Forest
Moncton Mapleton Wetland Wheelchair Linear 2.70 km Pond, Wetland
Moncton Riverfront Riverfront Easy Mixed 4.79 km River, Mud
Parlee Brook Friar's Nose Moderate Linear 1.75 km Peak
Parlee Brook Parlee Brook Amphitheatre Moderate Linear 2.98 km Ice Valley
Riverview Dobson Difficult Linear 58 km Stream, Forest
Riverview Mill Creek Fern Grove Easy Linear 0.5 km Stream
Riverview Mill Creek Meadow Hill Moderate Linear 0.6 km Forest
Riverview Mill Creek Mill Creek Wheelchair Accessible Linear 2.1 km Forest
Riverview Mill Creek Nolan's Gully Moderate Linear 0.4 km Dam
Riverview Mill Creek Reservoir Easy Linear 0.8 km Reservoir
Riverview Riverfront Riverfront Easy Linear 2.1 km River, Mud
Riverside-Albert Crooked Creek Lookout Easy Mixed 0.95 km Lookouts
Sackville Beech Hill Ogden Loop Moderate Loop 1.66 km Reservoir
Sackville Sackville Waterfowl Park Waterfowl Park Easy Loop 3.6 km Marsh, Boardwalks
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Big Salmon River Beach Loop Easy Loop 0.60 km Beach, River
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Big Salmon River Cemetary Trail Moderate Linear 0.44 km Cemetary
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Bradshaw Lookout Scenic Footpath Moderate Linear 0.60 km Stream
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Fuller Falls Trail Easy Linear 0.08 km Waterfall
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Hearst Lodge Scenic Footpath Moderate Linear 2.37 km River, Lodge
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Melvin Beach Trail Moderate Linear 0.22 km Waterfall, Caves, Beach
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Multi-Use Trail Wheelchair Linear 2.92 km Coastal Views
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Pot Rock Scenic Footpath Easy Linear 1.37 km Pot Rock, Coastal Views
St. Martins Fundy Trail Parkway Sea Captains' Burial Ground Trail Easy Linear 0.47 km Graveyard
Sussex Bluffs Trail Moderate Linear 2.02 km Views of the Valley
Sussex Nature Trail Wheelchair Mixed 6.06 km Stream
Sussex O'Connell O'Connell Park Wheelchair Loop 0.89 km Stream, Playground
Near Sussex Adairs Nature Trail Moderate Linear 2.90 km Waterfalls, Lake
Near Sussex Wallace Falls Trail Moderate Linear 0.39 km Waterfall
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Fundy Coastal West Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Bayside Simpson Hill Simpson Hill Trail Moderate Mixed 0.79 km Bay, Peak
Bocabec Caughey Taylor Berry Point Moderate Linear 1.17 km Bay, Cove
Bocabec Caughey Taylor Sam Orr Pond Moderate Mixed 2.36 km Tidal Pond, Cove
Blacks Harbour Connors Bros. Nature Preserve Connors Bros. Nature Preserve Moderate Mixed 1.63 km Lighthouse, Rocky Shore
Blacks Harbour Ferry Terminal Difficult Linear 0.22 km Beach, Coast
Campobello Island Herring Cove Adams Estate Promenade Moderate Linear 1.82 km Pond, Forest
Campobello Island Herring Cove Carriage Road Trail Easy Loop 2.13 km Pond, Forest
Campobello Island Herring Cove Eastern Head Cove Trail Moderate Linear 0.69 km Pond, Cove
Campobello Island Herring Cove Friars Bay Trail Moderate Linear 0.57 km Forest, Pond
Campobello Island Herring Cove Glensevern Lake Trail Moderate Linear 1.48 km Forest, Lake
Campobello Island Herring Cove Herring Cove Access Trail Easy Linear 0.41 km Beach Access
Campobello Island Herring Cove Herring Cove Beach Moderate Linear 1.80 km Beach
Campobello Island Herring Cove Rock of Gibraltar Easy Linear 1.93 km Boulder, Lake
Campobello Island Roosevelt Campobello International Eagle Hill Nature Wheelchair Mixed 0.74 km Bog, Lookout
Chance Harbour Beldings Reef Nature Preserve Moderate Linear 0.87 km Navigation Light, Rocky Shore
Chocolate Cove, Deer Island Clark Gregory Nature Preserve Moderate Loop 2.01 km Coastal Views
Grand Manan The Anchorage Anchorage Beach Moderate Linear 4.29 km Beach, Geology
Grand Manan The Anchorage Bagley Easy Mixed 0.53 km Pond
Grand Manan The Anchorage Great Pond Wheelchair Mixed 0.31 km Blind, Pond
Grand Manan The Anchorage Long Pond Easy Linear 0.41 km Blinds
Grand Manan The Anchorage Ox Head Easy Linear 1.06 km Beach, Pond
Grand Manan The Anchorage Red Point Easy Linear 1.98 km Coastal Views
Grand Manan Castalia Castalia Marsh Easy Linear 0.26 km Marsh, Beach
Grand Manan Flock of Sheep Moderate Linear 1.84 km Flock of Sheep
Grand Manan Hole-In-The-Wall Campground Hole-In-The-Wall Moderate Linear 0.29 km Rock Arch, Coast
Grand Manan Net Point Easy Linear 0.84 km Lookouts, Lighthouse
Grand Manan Lighthouse Trail - Whale to Whistle Moderate Linear 5.26 km Cliffs, Waterfalls, Beaches
Grand Manan Swallowtail Lighthouse Trail Easy Mixed 0.76 km Lighthouse, Lookouts
Musquash Musquash Estuary from Black Beach Moderate Loop 3.58 km Estuary
Musquash Musquash Estuary - Five Fathom Hole Moderate Linear 5.3 km Estuary, Mudflats
New River New River Beach Barnaby Head Moderate Loop 2.66 km Bay, rocky shore, bog
New River New River Beach Chitticks Beach Easy Loop 1.93 km Bay, Beach, rocky shore
St. Andrews Ballfield to Bar Road Easy Linear 0.69 km Forest
St. Andrews Chamcook Mountain Moderate Linear 1.31 km Peak, Lookouts
St. Andrews Katy's Cove Beach Wheelchair Linear 0.27 km Forest, Beach Access
St. Andrews Langmaid Park Wheelchair Loop 0.26 km Field
St. Andrews Meadow Easy Loop 0.95 km Field
St. Andrews Ministers Island Ministers Island Easy Loop 4.33 km Bay, Historic Buildings
St. Andrews Pagan Point Nature Preserve Easy Linear 0.68 km Rocky Beach, Salt Marsh
St. Andrews Van Horne Wheelchair Linear 2.1 km Coastal Views
St. Stephen Ganong Auk Hill Easy Loop 0.85 km Grassy field
St. Stephen Ganong Ferry Cove Easy Linear 0.13 km Beach Access
St. Stephen Ganong Field Edge Easy Loop 1.18 km Field, Bay Views
St. Stephen Ganong Forest Pond Moderate Linear 0.91 km Forest, Beach Access
St. Stephen Ganong Lookout Easy Linear 0.88 km Lookout
St. Stephen Ganong Tide Pool Easy Loop 0.96 km Tidal Pools
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Lower St. John River Valley Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Lake Access Trail Moderate Linear 1.52 km Lake, Old Forest
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Lakeside Loop Trail Moderate Loop 0.50 km Old Forest, Lake
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Lookout Trail Easy Linear 0.06 km Lookout
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake North ATV Trail Moderate Linear 1.29 km Old Forest
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Peak Access Trail Moderate Linear 0.74 km Old Forest
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Peak Loop Trail Easy Loop 0.35 km Old Forest, Pond
Ayers Lake Ayers Lake Southeast Trail Moderate Linear 1.15 km Lookout, Old Forest
Bear Island Howland Falls Easy Linear 0.10 km Waterfall
Canterbury Eel River Falls Easy Linear 2.55 km Waterfall
Clarendon Bald Mountain Easy-Difficult Mixed 2.2 km Cliffs, Peak
Clarendon Sand Brook Falls Easy Linear 0.21 km Waterfalls
Deersdale 1958 Avenger Plane Crash Easy Linear 0.15 km Plane Crash
Deersdale Balancing Rock Easy Linear 0.21 km Balancing Rock
Deersdale Chimney Rock Moderate Linear 0.80 km Crevice, Chimney Rock
Douglas Currie Mountain Moderate Mixed 1.51 km Rocky Peak, Lookouts
Durham Bridge Dunbar Falls Moderate Linear 0.72 km Waterfall, Stream
near Fredericton Garden Creek Falls Easy Linear 0.1 km Waterfall
Fredericton Crosstown Easy Linear 1.85 km City
Fredericton Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge Wheelchair Linear 0.61 km River, City
Fredericton Gibson Easy Linear 5.31 km River
Fredericton Lincoln Easy Linear 7.67 km City, River
Fredericton Nashwaak Easy Linear 3.85 km River
Fredericton North Riverfront Easy Linear 4.74 km River, City Views
Fredericton Northside Wheelchair Linear 9.96 km City
Fredericton South Riverfront Wheelchair Linear 2.92 km River, Lighthouse, Statues
Fredericton Salamanca Easy Linear 1.11 km River, Forest
Fredericton UNB Woodlot Easy Mixed 13.13 km Wetlands, Forest
Fredericton Valley Easy Linear 10.01 km City, River
Fredericton Vanier Easy Linear 1.94 km City
Fredericton Ferris Street Ferris Street Preserve Easy Mixed 3.28 km+ Wetland, Forest
Fredericton Hyla Hyla Preserve Easy Loop 1.60 km Wetland, Forest
Fredericton Killarney Lake Lake Easy Loop 1.83 km Lake, Beach, Playground
Fredericton Killarney Lake Old Roads Easy Loop 2.56 km Forest
Fredericton Killarney Lake Woods Easy Loop 2.57 km Forest
Fredericton Nashwaaksis Stream Nashwaaksis Stream Easy Loop 1.39 km Stream, Floodplain
Fredericton Odell Arboretum Field Easy Linear 0.38 km Pond, trees
Fredericton Odell Arboretum Woods Moderate Linear 2.19 km interp signs, caves
Fredericton Odell Ballfield Easy Linear 0.97 km Baseball Fields
Fredericton Odell Botanical Garden Easy Linear 1.19 km Botanical Garden
Fredericton Odell Botanical Access Moderate Linear 0.81 km Old Forest
Fredericton Odell Creekside Easy Linear 0.37 km Stream
Fredericton Odell Entrance Garden Wheelchair Loop 0.16 km Commemorative Benches
Fredericton Odell Hal Hynds Easy Linear 0.14 km Botanical Garden
Fredericton Odell Hanwell Access Moderate Linear 0.47 km Old Forest
Fredericton Odell Link Moderate Linear 0.84 km Old Forest
Fredericton Odell Lodge and Pond Easy Linear 1.74 km Lodge, Pond, Playground
Fredericton Odell Main Hill Moderate Linear 1.30 km Hill, Old Forest
Fredericton Odell Mountain Bike Moderate Linear 1.65 km Hill, Old Forest
Fredericton Odell North Access Easy Linear 0.44 km Old Forest
Fredericton Odell River Valley Kiosk Easy Linear 0.56 km Information Kiosk
Fredericton Odell Rosewood Easy Loop 0.15 km Commemorate Rock
Fredericton Odell Water Tower Moderate Linear 1.11 km Water Towers
Fredericton Odell Woodland Fern Moderate Loop 0.46 km Rocky Outcrops
Fredericton Reading Street Reading Street Park Easy Loop 1.01 km Forest
Fredericton Wilmot Wilmot Park Easy Loop 2.49 km Playground, Fields
Fredericton Junction Scribner Brook Falls Easy Linear 0.79 km Waterfall
Fredericton Junction White Rapids Easy Loop 0.50 km River, Art
Grand Bay-Westfield Blueberry Hill Nature Preserve Blueberry Hill Moderate Linear 1.36 km Bay, Forest
Grand Bay-Westfield Turtle Mountain Moderate Linear 11.3 km Granite Dome
Greenhill Lake Vultures Bluff Moderate Linear 0.34 km Rocky Peak, Lookouts
Hainesville Crabbe Mountain Embree's Loops Moderate Loop 3.15 km Forest
Hainesville Crabbe Mountain Slippery Mitten Moderate Loop 5.26 km+ Forest, Fields
Hanwell Hanwell Recreational Hanwell Recreational Park Easy Loop 5.08 km Forest
Keswick Ridge Tula Trail Easy Loop 0.54 km Forest, Pond
Kiersteadville Reddin Falls Moderate Linear 2.31 km Waterfall, Stream
Lincoln NB Trails - Lincoln to Oromocto Easy Linear 10.6 km Pond, Airport
Long Island Minister's Face Nature Preserve Crow's Nest (Polly's Rock) Moderate Linear 0.86 km Peak, Lookout
Long Island Minister's Face Nature Preserve Minister's Face Trail Moderate Linear 1.5 km Lookout
Mactaquac Mactaquac Alex Creek Easy Loop 2.14 km Beaver Pond, Stream
Mactaquac Mactaquac Alex Creek to Murch Field Moderate Linear 0.77 km Stream
Mactaquac Mactaquac Beaver Pond Easy Loop 0.90 km Beaver Pond
Mactaquac Mactaquac Beaver Pond to Alex Creek Easy Linear 0.61 km Beaver Ponds
Mactaquac Mactaquac Eagle Easy Linear 1.58 km Lake, Beach, Dam
Mactaquac Mactaquac Little Mactaquac Stream Easy Loop 2.28 km Stream, Shelter
Mactaquac Mactaquac Maple Sugar Easy Linear 0.62 km Old Forest, Interp Signs
Mactaquac Mactaquac Murch Field Moderate Mixed 1.41 km Stream, Marina, Waterfall
Mactaquac Mactaquac Porcupine Pass Easy Linear 0.25 km Beaver Pond
Mactaquac Mactaquac Scotch Lake Road Easy Loop 1.66 km Forest
Meductic Maliseet Trail Moderate Linear 1.8 km Waterfall
McAdam McAdam Nature Easy Loop 3.06 km Old Train Station, Pond
McAdam Spednic Lake Boulder Walk / Forest Glen Easy Loop 3.57 km Lake, Historic Site
Millville Friendship Easy Linear 1.63 km Stream, Bridge
Minto Devil's Oven Easy Linear 0.55 km Ice Caves
Minto Newcastle Stream Wheelchair/Moderate Linear 2.58 km Newcastle Stream
Moss Glen Moss Glen Falls Easy Linear 0.09 km Waterfalls, Stream
Nackawic Nackawic Nature Easy Linear 2.87 km Largest Axe, River
Nashwaak Bridge NB Trails Nashwaak Bridge to Taymouth Easy Linear 6.79 km River, Train Bridge
New Maryland New Maryland Cameron's Loop Wheelchair Linear 0.19 km Forest, Boardwalk
New Maryland New Maryland Charter's Way Wheelchair Linear 0.21 km Forest, Bridge
New Maryland New Maryland Fletcher's Walk Wheelchair Linear 0.3 km Forest, Interp Signs
Oromocto Deer Duck Easy Linear 1.84 km River, Wetlands
Oromocto Deer Old Road Easy Linear 0.98 km Forest
Oromocto Deer Orange Easy Linear 0.19 km Forest
Oromocto Deer River Easy Linear 0.58 km River Access
Oromocto Deer Riverside Easy Linear 2.57 km River, Wetlands
Oromocto Deer Yellow Easy Linear 0.35 km Forest
Oromocto Gateway Wetland Gateway Wetland Wheelchair Loop 1.26 km Wetland
Oromocto Lindsay Valley Green Easy Loop 0.61 km Waterfall
Oromocto NB Trails Oromocto Easy Linear 0.39 km River, Train Bridge
Prince William Split Rock Falls Moderate Linear 1.09 km Waterfall
Pokiok Flattop Mountain Strenuous Linear 1.05 km Lookout, Rocky Peak
Pokiok Shogomoc Bridge Easy Linear 0.39 km Bridge, River
Pokiok Shogomoc Falls Moderate Linear 1.11 km Waterfall
Pokiok Big Pokiok Hikers Dream Moderate Loop 3.39 km Dry Pond, Dam
Pokiok Big Pokiok Streamside Easy Loop 1.12 km Stream
Pokiok Big Pokiok Lookout Easy Mixed 0.62 km Waterfalls
Pokiok Big Pokiok Partridge Easy Mixed 1.24 km Stream, Cedar Swamp
Pokiok Big Pokiok Beechnut Moderate Mixed 1.38 km Hardwood Forest
Prince William Lower Joslin Falls Difficult Linear 0.16 km Waterfall
Ripples Internment Camp Easy Loop 0.5 km Camp Remnants
Rothesay Bicentennial Rothesay Easy Loop 1.48 km Forest, Pond
Rothesay East Riverside - Kingshurst East Riverside - Kingshurst Park Wheelchair Mixed 1.07 km Beach, Trees
Rothesay Hillside Trail Wheelchair Linear 3.17 km Forest, Stream
Rothesay Steele Kennedy Nature Steele Kennedy Trail Wheelchair Linear 3.17 km Forest, Stream
Saint John Harbour Passage Wheelchair Linear 1.92 km Harbour, Reversing Falls
Saint John Rockwood Carriage Road Wheelchair Linear 4.22 km Lakes, Trails
Saint John Rockwood Clean Air Wheelchair Loop 0.65 km Rock Trench
Saint John Rockwood Harrigan Lake Moderate Loop 0.77 km Lake
Saint John Rockwood Heartrate Hill Strenuous Linear 0.21 km Hill, Large Spruce
Saint John Rockwood Its Gotta Go Moderate Linear 0.89 km Cliffs, Stream
Saint John Rockwood Lollypop Moderate Linear 0.33 km Forest
Saint John Rockwood Mayflower Lake Easy Linear 1.07 km Lake
Saint John Rockwood Owen Lake Moderate Linear 1.09 km Lake, Ravine
Saint John Rockwood Pugsley Moderate Linear 0.37 km Forest
Saint John Rockwood Rockpile Road Moderate Linear 0.65 km Cave, Rocks
Saint John Rockwood Splenda Moderate Linear 0.19 km Forest
Saint John Rockwood Spongebob Moderate Linear 0.49 km Forest
Saint John Rockwood Sweetness Moderate Linear 1.18 km Forest
Saint John Irving Nature Chickadee Moderate Linear 0.36 km Forest, cliffs
Saint John Irving Nature Children's Forest Wheelchair Linear 1.04 km Mazes, Playground
Saint John Irving Nature Deer Moderate Linear 0.32 km Forest
Saint John Irving Nature Frog Easy Linear 0.59 km Boardwalk
Saint John Irving Nature Heron Moderate Loop 2.56 km Beaches, Lookouts
Saint John Irving Nature Seal Easy Loop 3.50 km Ocean, Mudflats
Saint John Irving Nature Sheldon Point Moderate Linear 3.55 km Beach, Rocky Shore
Saint John Irving Nature Squirrel Trail Easy Loop 1.93 km Ocean, Mud Flats
Saint John Little River Reservoir Graham Brook Trail Easy Loop 0.60 km Beaver Hut, Brook
Saint John Little River Reservoir Peninsula Trail Easy Mixed 1.44 km Beaver Dam, Brook
Saint John Little River Reservoir Rez Trail Wheelchair Loop 3.37 km Reservoir, Wetlands
Saint John Little River Reservoir Waterfall Trail Easy Linear 0.09 km Waterfall
Stanley Pinnock Nature Easy Loop 0.16 km Interp Signs
Stanley River View Walking Easy Linear 0.61 km River
Summerville Sea Dog Cove Nature Preserve Sea Dog Cove Easy Linear 1.36 km Cove, Lookout
Tracy Tracy Easy Linear 0.85 km Village
Upper Queensbury Coac Falls Easy Linear 4.4 km Waterfall
Welsford Mount Douglas Bald Strenuous Linear 1.06 km Rock Face, Rock Peak
Welsford Welsford Falls Moderate Linear 0.39 km Waterfall
Wirral Kirkpatrick Family Easy Linear 1.03 km Waterfall
Wirral Raggedy Ass Falls Easy Linear 0.56 km Waterfalls
Woolastook Woolastook Cove Moderate Linear 0.53 km Cove
Woolastook Woolastook Kellys Creek Shoreline Moderate Linear 3.5 km Creek Basin
Woolastook Woolastook Mountain Bike Moderate Mixed 1.86 km Rock Outcrops, Forest
Woolastook Woolastook Ravine Moderate Linear 0.21 km Stream, Ravine
Woolastook Woolastook Short Cut Crossover Easy Linear 1.01 km Old Forest
Woolastook Woolastook Summit Loop Easy Loop 3.02 km Old Forest
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Miramichi River Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Boiestown Fall Brook Falls Moderate Linear 1.4 km Waterfall
Doaktown NB Trails Doaktown Train Bridge wheelchair Linear 0.43 km River, Bridge
Miramichi Beaubears Island Beaubears Island Easy Linear 2.57 km Pines, Memorials
Miramichi Chatham Head Easy Linear 1.22 km River Views
Miramichi Chatham to Loggieville Wheelchair Linear 9.84 km Forest, Residential
Miramichi Chatham Waterfront Wheelchair Linear 1.28 km River, Park
Miramichi England's Hollow England's Hollow Easy Mixed 0.45 km Stream, Ravine
Miramichi Middle Island Wheelchair Loop 1.73 km Historic
Miramichi Millbank Nature Moderate Mixed 6.05 km Playgrounds
Miramichi Miramichi Nature Easy Loop 1.6 km Marsh
Miramichi Morrison Cove Moderate Linear 1.78 km Stream and Reservoirs
Miramichi Nelson School Wheelchair Linear 0.64 km playground
Miramichi Old Nelson Firehall Wheelchair Linear 1.48 km Pond, Memorial
Miramichi River View Easy Mixed 0.61 km River views
Miramichi Strawberry Marsh wheelchair Linear 2.40 km River, Marsh
Miramichi The Enclosure Wilsons Point Easy Mixed 1.64 km Church, Graveyard
Miramichi French Fort Cove Cove Trails Easy Mixed 3.78 km cove, boardwalk
Miramichi French Fort Cove Creaghan Gulch Moderate Loop 3.39 km ravine, stream
Miramichi French Fort Cove Fish Quarry Moderate Loop 2.66 km ravine, Old quarry
Miramichi French Fort Cove Nordin Ridge Moderate Loop 2.86 km ravine, stream
Miramichi Lowertown Park Lowertown Park Wheelchair Linear 0.21 km Graveyard, Playground
Priceville Priceville Footbridge Easy Linear 0.22 km Swinging bridge
Red Bank Metepenagiag Heritage Park Metepenagiag Heritiage Park Easy Mixed 1.93 km Historic Site, River
Sunny Corner Mullin Stream Falls Moderate Linear 1.18 km Waterfall
Wayerton Cruickshank Crown Reserve Easy Linear 1.2 km Stream, Ravine
Wayerton Sheephouse Falls Easy Linear 1.00 km Waterfalls
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

Upper St. John River Valley Region

City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features
Bath Moose Mountain Linear Peak
Birch Ridge Robinson (Maggie's) Falls Easy Linear 1.1 km Waterfall
Edmundston Downtown Wheelchair Mixed 1.36 km Bridge, Dam, River
Edmundston Falls Brook Falls Moderate Linear 0.42 km Waterfall
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Belle Vue Easy Linear 0.09 km Valley View
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Bob-Leboeuf Moderate Linear 1.03 km City Views
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Coulée de la Raquoise Moderate Loop 0.69 km Hardwood Forest, Valley
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Les Cascades Moderate Linear 0.34 km Stream
Edmundston Le Prospecteur L'Évêché Strenuous Linear 0.33 km Forest
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Mine D'or Difficult Linear 0.22 km Rock Cut, City Views
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Penchant de la Madoueska Moderate Loop 1.52 km City Views, Stream
Edmundston Le Prospecteur Sapin Baumier Moderate Linear 1.21 km Softwood Forest
Edmundston New Brunswick Botanical Garden Botanical Garden Wheelchair Loop 1.45 km Botanical Gardens
Florenceville-Bristol Shiktehawk Stream Moderate Linear 2.17 km Stream
Grand Falls Grand Falls Gorge Trail Easy Linear 0.73 km Dam, Falls, Gorge
Plaster Rock Plaster Rock Tourist Cuffley Easy Linear 0.38 km Lake
Plaster Rock Plaster Rock Tourist Hiking Easy Loop 2.15 km Forest, Interp Signs
Plaster Rock Plaster Rock Tourist Sadlers Nature Easy Loop 1.3 km Lake
Rivière Verte Mont Pointu Mont Pointu Moderate Loop Lookout Tower
Woodstock Gibson Falls (Kilmarnock Falls) Easy-Difficult Linear 0.5 km Waterfall
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Black Moderate Loop 1.73 km River, Rocky Outcrops
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Blue Moderate Mixed 1.15 km Hardwood Forest
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Gold Easy Mixed 1.40 km River
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Green Strenuous Loop 1.52 km Rocky Outcrops, Ravine
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Orange Moderate Loop 2.09 km River, Floodplain
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Purple Moderate Loop 1.74 km Waterfall, Rocky Outcrops
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Red Moderate Loop 1.38 km Stream
Woodstock Meduxnekeag Yellow Moderate Loop 0.86 km Stream
City/Town Park Trail Difficulty Type Distance Features

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