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Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve


There are four different access points to the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve. From Route 2 near Woodstock take exit 185 and turn north onto Route 550 towards Bloomfield. After 3.5 kilometers turn left onto Red Bridge Road. After another 2.3 kilometers you should come to where the NB Trail (old railbed) crosses the Red Bridge Road. Parking here and walking down the old railbed to the left will give you access to the Red Trail, Yellow Trail and Blue Trails.

Continue past the NB Trail another 650 meters and you will come to the Leonard Woods Parking area on your left. From this parking lot you can access the Orange Trail and Black Trail.

Continue past this parking lot for another 550 meters and you should see the Purple Trail enter the woods on your left. The trail is quite new and could still be a bit difficult to find. It is almost directly across the road from a small farm just before the road opens up on either side as it enters some fields. There is a bit of a dip in the road just after the trail that marks a stream.

The Green Trail in the Jim Goltz Forest is the only trail that cannot be accessed from the Red Bridge Road since it is on the opposite side of the river. To access the Green Trail take exit 188 on Route 2 and head east towards Campbell Settlement. After 4.8 kilometers turn right onto Plymouth Road. After 3.5 kilometers this road turns into a gravel road as indicated by the brown line on the map above. After another 1.3 kilometers slow down and look for a peg on your right with green paint marking the start of the trail. It is a fairly new trail so may still be difficult to find without a bit of a search. After more use the trail should be easier to find.

You can also access the Green Trail from the other trails by continuing on past the Purple Trail. After 1.5 kilometers you will cross a bridge over the Meduxnekeag River. Just past the bridge turn left onto Route 540. After 750 meters turn left again onto Plymouth Road. After only 300 meters the road turns into a gravel road as is indicated by the brown line on the map above. After 1.6 kilometers look for the green wooden peg on your left that marks the trail head.

Preserve Description

The Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve is over 800 acres of land in the Meduxnekeag River Valley. The Preserve has over 10 kilometers of hiking trails broken into 7 different trails. The trails cover many different habitat types including hardwood ridges, river floodplains, mixedwood forests, and small streams and waterfalls. There are also rocky outcrops, ravines and cliffs to explore. There are trails for every skill level but none are what I would consider difficult. The trails can be accessed and enjoyed year round.

Preserve History

In 1998 the Meduxnekeag River Association began aquiring land that today makes up the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve. The Preserve is now comprised of more than 800 acres in the Meduxnekeag Watershed. The most recent aquisitions of land have been the Jim Goltz Forest to the south of the river and another parcel to the north-west. Trails were developed in 2011-2012 in each of these parcels bringing the total trail distance to more than 10 kms with 7 trails.

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