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Miramichi River Valley Region

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Region Description

The headwaters of the Southwest branch of the Miramichi river start near the town of Juniper. The river then flows southwest to Deersdale. The main river then flows east towards Boisetown where is passes Fall Brook Falls, the highest waterfall in the province. Continuing past Boisetown the river flows under the Priceville Foot Bridge.

The river then flows northeast through the towns of Doaktown and Blackville and culminates in Miramichi City where it flows into Miramichi Bay, then dumps into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Miramichi City provides many nature trails, parks and historic sites. These include the Miramichi Nature Trail, French Fort Cove Municipal Park, and Beaubears Island Historic Site.

The Miramichi River has many tributaries including the Northwest Branch. In the headwaters of this branch you will find the Sheephouse Falls Nature trails.

The Miramichi River Region encompasses the center of the province and is surrounded by the Appalachian Range Region and the Acadian Peninsula Region to the north. The Upper and Lower St. John River Valley Regions to the west and south-west, the Fundy Coastal East Region to the south and the Southern Acadian Coastal Region to the east.


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