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Maliseet Trail (Hays Falls)

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Difficulty Moderate Features Waterfall
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers Blue Squares
Distance 1.8 km total trails Scenery Rating Good
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins return Mainteance Rating Well maintained
Trail Surface Type Forest with some woodchips Cell Phone Reception Not checked
Elevation Change 87 meters GPS file Available on request


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From Fredericton (top of the hill on Regent Street) head west on Highway 2 towards Edmundston. Drive for 67 km, take exit 212 to Meductic and turn right on highway 165. At the bottom of the hill go left and continue on highway 165. After another 7 km look for a long paved parking area on the left and you should see the signs for the trail.

Quicker access to Hays Falls is also available from Route 2. Instead of taking exit 212 continue for another 8.8 km on the highway. At km marker 204 you will see a large arch culvert going under the highway. The trail goes through this culvert. Just past the guardrail there is enough room to pull off the road a safe distance. Walk back along the guardrail to the arch culvert . At the culvert you can step over the moose fence to get down to the trail. This access is used by ice climbers for quick access to the falls in winter.

From Woodstock (Connell Street - Route 550) take exit onto highway 2 heading east towards fredericton. Drive 15 km and take exit 200 and turn left onto Dugan Road. When you get to the bottom of the hill turn right onto Highway 165. Drive for another 2 km and look for a long narrow parking area on the right. You should also see the signs for the trail.

Trail Description

From Parking Area on Route 165 the trail ascends through a mainly softwood forest and transitions into a hardwood ridge. Just after a kilometer the trail branches to the right.

The right branch of the trail descends towards the falls. After a short distance the trail branches again. The trail to the right continues to descend to the bottom of the falls. The trail to the left ascends to the top of the falls.

Continuing straight past the first branch for 230 meters will take you to highway 2. Once at the highway the trail continues through large culverts under the highway. The trail continues past the highway for a short distance and then becomes increasingly hard to follow until it is no longer a trail.

Trail History

The Maliseet trail was an ancient travel route (portage) for the Maliseet Indians. The trail joined the Saint John River with the Penobscot river in Maine and was used up until the 1600s. The trail connected through many lakes, rivers and streams and was comprised of over 200 km of paddling and 20 km of portaging. Today the Maliseet hiking trail is only a small portion of its former self and is mainly used to access Hays Falls. A rough map of the full Portage Trail is provided below:

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This trail is in the Hiking NB trail guide for the Lower St. John River Valley Region - Meductic to Fredericton. The guide is available for download below:

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