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Currie Mountain Trail

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Difficulty Moderate Features Rocky Peak, Lookouts
Trail Type Mixed Trail Markers None but trail easy to follow
Distance 1.51 km total Scenery Rating Special Features
Estimated Time 1 hr return Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Old Road, Forested Cell Phone Reception Not checked
Elevation Change 73 meters GPS file Available on request


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Travel North on the Westmorland Street bridge in Fredericton and continue straight on the ring road (route 105). Continue up the river on Route 105 to Douglas. After driving 11.5 km from the bridge you should see a forested hill on your right. This is Currie Mountain. When you reach the woods you will see a small clearing on the right with a rock monument. This is the starting point for the trail. Park along the highway here and make sure you pull well off the road. Pay attention to traffic since this is a busy section of road where cars travel fast.

If you don't feel comfortable parking along the road you can continue for another 500 meters past Currie Mountain. There you will find a small parking area on the left that used to be part of the old road. Park here and take the old railbed (Northside Trail) back towards the clearing. There is a bit of a trail through an overgrown field that will bring you back up to the road across from the clearing.

Trail Description

The trail starts at a gate on the left side of the small clearing. The beginning of the trail used to be an old road that turns to the right, then switches back to the left as you climb the hill. You will soon come to a small opening that holds a chimney that remains from a house that used to be on the site. The area around the chimney is dug out of the side of the hill where the house used to be.

The trail splits at this point. Going to the left will take you around the front of the mountain, passing large rock outcrops, and eventually coming to a lookout. The lookout is on top of a small cliff that drops down to the road. It was formed by the rock cut that was made for the road. From here you have views of the islands up and down the Saint John River.

Going straight up over the hill beside the chimney will take you up to the top of the hill where you will find the peak on a rocky outcrop.

Going to the right at the chimney will take you around the back of the mountain and eventually cotinues on an ATV trail through a small field to the Carlisle Road.

The mountain is covered in large white pine trees and has many unique plants due to its different brown soils formed by its volcanic origins. There are also several large rock outcrops that show the strange rock that make up the mountain. The peak is formed by one of these outcrops.

Trail History

The history of Currie Mountain began about 130 million years ago when it was formed as a volcano. My first exposure to the hill was in Univerisity when we took a field trip to the mountain as part of a soils lab. The mountain is a small hill (only 280 feet/85 meters high) but it rises rapidly from the Saint John river and is separated from the hills behind by a small but steep valley. You can make out the hill from up on Keswick Ridge or from other points along the river.


This trail is in the Hiking NB trail guide for the Lower St. John River Valley Region - Meductic to Fredericton. The guide is available for download below:

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