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Region Map / Lower St. John River

Lower Saint John River Valley Region

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Region Description

The lower St. John River Valley Region includes the capital city of Fredericton. It also includes the city of Saint John, which is situated where the St. John River empties into the Bay of Fundy. The region has several parks outside of these cities such as the Big Pokiok Nature Park near the town of Nackawic, Mactaquac Provincial Park near the Mactaquac Dam west of Fredericton, and Deer Park on the banks of the St. John river in the town of Oromocto.

The region has a variety of individual trails featuring waterfalls such as Hayes Falls on the Maliseet Trail and Dunbar Falls. There are trails that provide a history lesson such as the New Brunswick Internment Camp Trail near the town of Minto and the City Camp Nature Trail near the historic rail station in the town of McAdam. There are many other smaller trails in several other towns in the region.

The region is surrounded by the Upper St. John River Valley and Miramichi River Region to the North, the Fundy Coastal East Region to the East and the Fundy Coastal West Region to the South.


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