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Region Map / Fundy West

Fundy Coastal West Region

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Region Description

The Fundy Coastal West Region starts at the Maine border and encompasses the Fundy Isles. These islands include Grand Manan, Campobello and Deer Island. A large part of their economy is tourism so you can find many different hiking trails on the islands.

There are also many coastal trails on the mainland that access more unique coastal habitats such as a tidal lake at Sam Orr's Pond in Bocabec, or Black Beach at the beginning of Musquash Estuary from Black Beach Trail. There is also a hiking trail in New River Beach at the New River Beach Provincial Park.

There are many rural walking trails in the towns of Saint Stephen, Saint Andrews and Saint George.

The Fundy Coastal West Region is surrounded by the Lower St. John River Valley Region to the North and East.


Islands in the region:

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