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Walton Glen Gorge Trail

Quick Facts

Ratings Legend

Difficulty Difficult Features Waterfalls, Cliffs
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers Orange Ribbons
Distance 4 km to Fundy Footpath Scenery Rating Must-See
Estimated Time 3.5 to 4 hours one way Mainteance Rating Variable
Trail Surface Type Forested, Rocky, Stream Cell Phone Reception Variable
Elevation Change 187 m GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly Difficult Terrain Fees Required None


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The Gorge can now be accessed via the Fundy Trail Parkway. From the gate at the Fundy Trail Parkway continue for 27 km and turn right into a small parking area. The trail to the gorge lookout leaves from this parking area.

Trail Description

The trail down into the gorge can be found to the left of the lookout. Just follow the trails along the gorge keeping the gorge on your right and you will eventually descend into the upper gorge.

The trail descends into the upper Gorge steeply but not treacherously. Eventually you will come to the stream and will follow it all the way to the Eye of the Needle and Little Salmon River Beyond. The upper part of the Gorge has a large waterfall. Climbing down along the cliffs beside the waterfall is the most treacherous part of the trail so be careful. Just below the waterfall the trees open up to show Walton Glen Falls, the 44 meter tall horsetail falls that falls from the cliff tops. The Eye of the Needle is a place where the cliff walls narrow into about 10 feet apart. The stream funnels into this small opening so may be deep. Be careful of water levels if you decide to wade through the Eye of the Needle. Just past the Eye of the Needle the stream dumps into Little Salmon River. Follow the river downstream and you will find the Fundy Footpath. It crosses near the campsites where the Little Salmon River flows into the tidal flats.


July 9, 2015 - CBC Shift NB - Hiking the Fundy Footpath

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Trail last visited July 4, 2015.
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