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Note: Please refrain from lighting campfires on the Bluffs Trails. Fires are not permitted. This trail is on private land so please respect the landowners' wishes for continued access to this beautiful trail.

Sussex Bluffs Trail

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Difficulty Moderate Features Views of the Valley
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers Red Blazes
Distance 2.02 km mapped Scenery Rating Must See
Estimated Time 1 hr + Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Forested, Rocky Cell Phone Reception Stong
Elevation Change 90 meters GPS file Available on request


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From Sussex Corner take route 111 (Post Road) north-east towards Moncton. Continue past Sullivan Park and some fields, and after 1 km turn right onto Sullivan Street. After two 90 degree turns the street turns into Rockbridge Drive and starts to climb the hill. After 300 meters from the last turn you will come to a small wide area and a gate. The gate has a no trespassing sign. The reason for the no trespassing sign is to help protect the water supply for the Village of Sussex Corner. Vehicles parking at the water tower pose a risk to the water supply. Please respect this sensitive area and park at the cul-de-sac before the no trespassing sign.

Past the gate walk up the road for another 600 meters until you come to the water tower. Once at the water tower follow the fence to the right. The trail starts off the back right corner of the fenced in area.

A more interesting way to access the bluffs trail is through Sullivan Park. From the park follow along the banks of Trout Creek. After the cropland head up over the ridge to the water tower.

Hiking times are from the water tower so add approimately 30 minutes to your time to access the tower.

Trail Description

The trail to the Bluffs is also the beginning of the Catamount Trail. The Catamount Trail continues all the way to the Fundy Coast where it meets up with the Fundy Footpath, passing the Wallace Falls Trail about mid-way.

The Bluffs trail starts as a steady climb along a ridge. Eventually the trees open up on the right to provide views of the valley below. The trail starts in a mixedwood forest that gradually turns into softwood and that is mainly dominated by pine once you get nearer to the top. The trees get thinner until you come out to the opening at the top of the bluffs. The trail follows along the ridge line where the ground is rounded but drops off quite abruptly to the right. There are no trees on this drop-off, which offers unfettered views up and down Dutch Valley. The trail continues along the bluffs then drops down into a small wooded section before climbing again to the next bluff. On a clear day you should be able to see the ski hills at Poley mountain from the second bluff. The Catamount Trail continues past the bluffs.

Caution is required on this trail. Do not leave the trail and stay back from the cliff edge. Although the drop-off is rounded it is abrupt and made of of a loose sandstone material making it easy to lose your footing and fall.

The Bluffs Trail is on private land so please tread lightly so everyone can enjoy the trail for years to come.


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