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Maple Grove Trail

Quick Facts

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Difficulty Strenuous Features Hardwood Ridge
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers None but easy to follow
Distance 3.91 km one way Scenery Rating Beautiful
Estimated Time 3 hrs return Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Gravel Road Cell Phone Reception Strong
Elevation Change 140 meters GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly On a Leash Fees Required Yes


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There are two ways to access the Maple Grove Trail. From the visitor center take route 114 up the hill. At the top of the hill you will pass Chignecto campground and at 5 km you will find Hastings Road on the left. Hastings Road is a one-way road that starts here. Follow Hastings Road for about 900 meters and it will vear to the right. You will find the start of Maple Grove Trail to the left.

The second way to access the trail is to take the Point Wolfe Road from the visitor center. After traveling for a littel over 3 km you will see the parking for the Tippen Lot Trail on the left. Just past this turn right into a paved road. After 100 meters you will find the entrance to the Maple Grove Trail on your right.


The Maple Grove Trail is an old gravel road that climbs the hill between the Point Wolfe Road Route 114. The steepest climb is the first section. The road then has long, flat sections that are broken up by sharp turns that create large switchbacks up the hill. After the initial hill the trail enters a beautiful hardwood ridge. This ridge is made up of mostly large sugar maples. In the winter months their branches are bare and provide views in every direction. In summer the leaves a full and provide a beautiful walk in the forest. In the fall the leaves turn bright yellow, orange and red.

At the top of the hill the forest transitions into more softwood dominated. After passing a radio tower the trail goes downhill at a slight grade until reaching Hastings Road and the end of the Maple Grove Trail.

From the Sign

Hike or bike through a beautiful stand of maple trees. In the spring, the trees are rosy with blossoms. During the summer, the forest is cool, green and shady. In fall, colours about. A mixture of red and orange paint the landscape.

Entire trail - strenuous - steep uphill to the end of the trail - this trail is used by both hikers and bikers, use caution.

The first 2 km of this trail pass through the maple grove. The balance cuts through a mixed forest of softwood and hardwood. Once you reach the radio tower, the trail slopes slightly downhill for 0.5 km to the end. At this point, you have rejoined the Hastings road. From here, to the right, it's 1 km to highway 114. If you keep to your left, you can follow the Hastings Road for 4 km and travel a loop back to the Maple Grove trailhead. Please watch for vehicles.

Please remember, it's your responsibility to seek out safety information, obey signs and be prepared. Contact park staff if you require specific advice.

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