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Laverty Falls Trail

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Difficulty Moderate Features Waterfall
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers Yellow Hiking Symbols
Distance 2.54 km Scenery Rating Must See
Estimated Time 1 hr Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Forested Cell Phone Reception Not checked
Elevation Change 149 m GPS file Available on request


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For directions to the park go to the Fundy Park page.

From the northern entrance at Wolfe Lake travel 11.7 km south, then turn left onto the Laverty Auto Trail. If you are entering the park from the eastern gate in Alma climb the hill. When you come to a roundabout in front of the visitor center keep right and continue on Route 114. After 7.9 km from the gate turn right onto the Laverty Auto Trail.

The Laverty Auto Trail is a gravel road but it is usually in really good shape for cars. After 5 km, and passing the Bennett Lake Trail on your left, you will take a sharp turn to the right. After another 1.5 km you will come to a parking lot. The Laverty Falls, Moosehorn, and Upper Salmon River Trail start from the small field off the end of the parking lot.

Trail Description

The trail to Laverty Falls starts to the left across a little field off the end of the parking lot. The Moosehorn Trail and Upper Salmon River Trails start to the right. The two trails form a loop that descend to Laverty Stream, then follows the stream for about 2 km before climbing out of the stream valley.

The Laverty Falls Trail provides a slow descent to Laverty Falls. Most of the trail travels through an old hardwood forest with many smaller hardwoods underneath. There are several very large birch and maple, some of which are hollow and are being used by local wildlife. There are several wet spots on the trail that are easily crossed using roots and small rocks. When you get nearer to the stream the forest transitions into a spruce dominated forest type. Eventually you will come to a small rocky outcrop. You should be able to hear the falls from here. The trail goes up and through the middle of the outcrop and emerges at the top of the falls.

The trail loops down around to the bottom of the falls. The waterfall is a bridal falls and comes out through the rocky outcrop and drops over an angled rock face. I found that the angled rock made it difficult to take a level picture of the falls without looking tilted but its a beatiful set of falls and very photogenic.

After you get your fill of pictures you can continue on the trail down along the stream. After a short distance (about 200 meters) you will come to junction in the trail. The trail that crosses the stream to the left is the Dobson Trail. This is a 58 km trail that goes all the way to the Town of Riverview. The other trail that continues along the stream is the Moosehorn Trail. At this point you can return to the parking lot the way yo came of continue on the Moosehorn trail, which provides a more strenuous but more interesting loop back to the parking lot.

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