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Fundy National Park

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There are two main entrances to Fundy Park. The first one comes from Town of Sussex to the north-west and the other comes from the Town of Riverview to the north-east.

From Sussex travel on Route 1 for 18 km north towards Moncton. Take exit 211 onto Route 114 south towards Alma. After 21 km you will come to the park gate at Wolfe Lake.

From the Town of Riverview travel south-east for 80 km on Route 114. You will pass through Hillsburough and then pass the Hopewell Rocks Park, which is worth a visit. You will then pass Riverside-Albert and eventually come to the Town of Alma. Drive through the small town and you will come to the south-eastern gate of the park.

Park Description

Fundy National Park is one of two National Parks in the province. Kouchibouguac Park is the other one. Where Kouchibouguac is made up of mostly flat ground with bogs and beaches, Fundy National Park is made up of deep cut ravines that hold the many rivers and streams in the park, and the rugged coast on the world famous Bay of Fundy, famous for having the highest tides in the world.

There are more than 80 km of hiking trails in the park. The trails have been developed to show the rugged coast, several medium sized waterfalls, bogs, lakes, streams, rivers, and the forests in between. Seven of the twenty-eight trails can be used to form the Fundy Circuit. The Fundy Circuit is a 50 km loop of the park that can be hiked over a 3-4 day period. The trails that make up the circuit are:

There are two campgrounds and two wilderness campgrounds along the route. Reservations are required to use any of the campgrounds. It is advised to finish the loop on the Upper Salmon River Trail. Your pack will be lighter, making it easier to cross the several river crossings on this trail. You may also want to check with the park to make sure all the trails are open. The Upper Salmon River Trail has been closed on several of our visits due to high water levels.

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Trails in the park:

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