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Portage Trail

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Difficulty Easy Features Forest, Lakes
Trail Type Linear Trail Markers Yellow Diamonds
Distance 4.09 km Scenery Rating Beautiful
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins one way Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Forested, Boardwalk Cell Phone Reception None
Elevation Change 72 meters GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly On a Leash Fees Required Yes


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For directions to the park go to the Mount Carleton Park page.

From the park entrance travel 1 km on the main park road then turn left towards the Armstrong Campground. Travel 9 km on this road and you will come to a side road on the right. At 200 meters on this road you will come to bridges over the ditches where the trail crosses the road.

Continue past the side road for another 1.3 km and you will cross a small bridge. The trail uses the bridge to cross the stream and enters the woods on the right on either side of the bridge.

Continue another 1.3 km past the bridge you you will come to a small parking area with a sign on your right. The sign is about portage trails. An access trail enters the woods to the right of the sign.

The final and best place to access this trail is at the access road to Bathurst lake. Another 400 meters past the small parking area you will see a small loop road on the right. Park around this loop. You can access the road to Bathurst lake behind the gate at the back of the loop. Follow the access road for 150 meters (about half way to the lake) and you will find the end of the Portage Trail enter the woods on your right.


The recently reclaimed Portage Trail (summer 2016) was an ancient travel corridor between Little Nictau and Bathurst lakes. Thousands of years ago First Nations people carried their canoes through these woods to access other waterways in the region from the Nepisiguit River system. The trail follows the flattest route between the two lakes making this one of the easist trails in the park.

The Bathurst Lake end of the trail travels through a mixedwood forest. There are several places along the trail where a board has been put between two trees at eye-level. This is so people portaging can rest their canoe without putting it down.

Once the trail gets close to Little Nictua lake it dips down into a wet, moss laden, spruce forest. There are several sections of boardwalk in this area to help keep you dry. One boardwalk ends at the shallow, easternmost section of the lake.

If you are hiking this trail you can make a loop by returning on the Caribou Brook Trail. To get to the Caribou Brook Trail follow the crossover road (road nearest Little Nictau Lake) to the Mount Sagamook Trail. It is 2.5 km between the two trails.


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