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Salt Marsh Trail

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Difficulty Wheelchair Features Salt Marsh
Trail Type Mixed Trail Markers None but easy to follow
Distance 0.62 km return Scenery Rating Beautiful
Estimated Time 20 mins Mainteance Rating Well Maintained
Trail Surface Type Crushed Rock, Boardwalk Cell Phone Reception Medium
Elevation Change 3 m GPS file Available on request
Dog Friendly On a Leash Fees Required Yes


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For directions to the park go the the Kouchibouguac National Park page.

Near the park entrance from Route 11 turn right onto Frigault Road towards the beaches. Drive for 9.9 km and you will find a small parking lot on your right, just past a bridge with a view of the ocean. Park here and go right on the trail at the back of the parking lot. After a short distance you will find the Salt Marsh Trail on your left.

Trail Description

The Salt Marsh Trail starts on a boardwalk that travels through the woods. Near the start there is a wide spot in the boardwalk and an interpretive sign thanking you for staying on the boardwalk and staying quiet for the animals. After a short distance the trail turns to crushed rock and soon comes to a lookout near the inlet that leads out into the salt marsh. At the lookout there is another iterpretive sign welcoming you to the salt marsh. It also tells you a bit about the salt marsh.

The trail soon turns back into boardwalk and comes to a junction. From here the boardwalk makes a short loop out into the salt marsh. There are two lookouts on the boardwalk. The one on the right offers views of the long marsh grass, the inner lagoon and the sand dunes beyond. The one on the left has an interpretive sign that tells about the other trails in the park.

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