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Acadian Coastal South Region

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Region Description

The Acadian Coastal South Region is made up of mainly coastal trails, some of which follow the extensive sandbars occurring along this coast. The Region starts in Miramichi Bay and follows the coast south to Kouchibouguac Park. Kouchibouguac is one of two national parks in the province, and is known for its extensive sand dunes and beaches. It is one of the top attractions in the province for this reason. The park also has a variety of trails that travel through inland bogs and salt marshes, and trails that are adjacent to bays and the Kouchibouguac river.

Further south along the coast there are more sand dunes at Bouctouche Dunes. Bouctouche Dunes is a 12 kilometer dune near the town of Bouctouche. The Irving Eco-centre and 2 kilometers of boardwalk have been built on the dunes by the J. D. Irving company to promote the conservation of the dunes and their unique surrounding habitats.

Another coastal park can be found at the southern tip of the Acadian Coast near the Confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island. Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area encompasses the coast and two small islands near the New Brunswick side of the bridge.

The Acadian Coastal South Region is south of the the Acadian Peninsula and to the east of both the Miramichi River Region in the north and the Fundy Coastal East Region in the south.


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